Meghalaya Trip: 5 Great Traveling Experiences That You Can Have In Meghalaya

meghalaya trip

Meghalaya, full of beautiful mountains and greenery, is one of the hidden treasures of nature.

Northeast is quite popular for its beauty. Everyone wants to come again and again to see this beauty. When you are on the walk of clouds in the Northeast itself, then understand that you are in Meghalaya. There is also a place above the clouds on this earth which is known as Meghalaya. You will be stunned to see the beauty of Meghalaya. Think of the most beautiful scene in your mind. Believe me, Meghalaya is actually more beautiful than your imagination. You will find things to do in Meghalaya that you cannot do anywhere else.

1. Swimming in the Air

float air

Dawki is a beautiful town on the India-Bangladesh border of Meghalaya. India’s cleanest river Umangot flows through Dawki town. The water of the river is clear as glass. You can clearly see your axis in the water of Umangot. When you are walking in this river, you will feel that your boat is floating in the air. The cleaning of this river is done by the local people only. It is not possible to visit such a clean river anywhere else in India.

2. Bridge made of tree roots

old bridge

There are many bridges in the world which humans have made from material things, but there is also such a bridge in Meghalaya which is made of tree roots. This 180-year-old bridge of Meghalaya is also called the Living Root Bridge. This bridge built between the dense forests and the river has been built by the tribes here. There are many double root bridges in Meghalaya, but the Cherampooji bridge is considered the most special. This bridge has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you go to Meghalaya, do not forget to see the Living Root Bridge.

3. Cleanest Village in Asia

mawlynnong meghalaya

Meghalaya has the cleanest village in Asia. You can visit this place in your trip to Meghalaya. The name of this village of Meghalaya is Mallinnong. Situated in the East Khasi Hills, this beautiful village is called God’s Garden. In this village, bridges have been made from the root of the tree. Plastic is not used in Mallinnong village. Here dustbin made of bamboo is used. The village also has a waterfall, track and Living Root Bridge.

4. Natural Beauty

Meghalaya is full of natural beauty. You must come here again and again to see such beautiful sights. There are many beautiful waterfalls like Tirshi Falls in Meghalaya, while on the other hand there is also a place full of greenery like Mawphlang. There is so much to see in Meghalaya that it is extremely difficult to sum it up in one go. Here one gets to see a wonderful place at every step. The beauty of Meghalaya adds a new dimension to your wanderlust.

5. A City Full of Colors

Shillong is the most popular place in Meghalaya. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is also called the Scotland of the East. Situated at 1,499 meters above sea level, Shillong is the home of the clouds. There are also Shillong Golf Course, beautiful Umiam Lake, Shillong Peak and many waterfalls nearby to visit here. All these places make Shillong a favorite for tourists. One who comes here once, the beauty of here makes him belong here.

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