Mahindra XUV700 has this special safety feature, this Automatic action will happen when the driver is a sleep.


The wait for Mahindra XUV700, which has been running for a long time in India, is over. And Mahindra has launched this special SUV car in India. The starting ex-showroom price of this SUV car has been kept at Rs 11.99 lakh. Mahindra has currently landed it in only two series – Mahindra XUV700 MX and Mahindra XUV700 AX, XUV700 has been brought in the market with many new segment first features, due to which XUV700 is more in comparison to its segment and other SUVs. Powerful and safe

One such safety features have been added to this SUV car. Which makes this car extremely strong and safe –
Let’s know about these safety features –

Yes, the safety features are dryness detect feature-

These safety features make driving more safe. Because this feature works to keep an eye on the driver, which makes driving more safe. These features are hi-tech as well as very important for the driver. By which the car can be saved from any type of car accident or other movement.In fact, this powerful SUV has been included in the feature of Drwginess Detect, which keeps an eye on every movement of the driver. Suddenly it happens that while driving, the driver gets sleepy or sleepy naps. And in this situation the risk of accident increases.

How Droziness Detect safety feature works-

Whenever the driver’s eyes start closing. On this occasion, the drudgery detect feature gets activated. And then it vibrates on the steering wheel. So that the driver wakes up again and drives safely, this feature also reduces the speed of the SUV so that the driver can get time to recover and start driving again after being fully active.
In this SUV car of Mahindra, this feature has been added not only keeping in mind the safety of the driver, but also to ensure the safety of the passengers sitting in the car. And people are also liking this safety feature very much.