Mahindra launches 60 kg electric bike, people go crazy after seeing the retro look

new electric bike

Automobile: In today’s inflationary era, it has become very difficult to run household expenses, because along with food items, the prices of petrol and diesel are also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, if common citizens are preferring to buy electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered vehicles, which can be driven for long distances on a single charge.

This is the reason, that the demand for electric vehicle two wheelers is increasing rapidly in the Indian markets, keeping in mind that Mahindra & Mahindra’s Pininfarina company has prepared another electric bike. The design of this electric bike is similar to the bike running in the 80s, which will be equipped with advanced features.

Retro and classy look of electric bike

new clectric bike look

While this electric bike designed by Pininfarina company is named Easing PF 40, because the moped of this bike is designed by Dutch company Eysing. While this electric bike can be run on the roads without license in European countries, whose top speed is 45 kilometers per hour.

The price can be

electric bike price in india

But the Easing PF 40 has been launched in European countries with different models, priced between 7, 070 euros to 13, 780 euros. While the price of this electric bike in the Indian market has been kept at Rs 12 lakh, the look of the electric bike is retro and classy. Along with this, the bike also has LED headlights and vertical ribbed tires.

Features will be like this

It is being told that Easing PF 40 takes 8 hours to fully charge, while this electric bike can be fully charged in just 4 hours through fast charging. While the Easing PF 40 weighs 60 kg, which can easily handle a weight of 110 kg. While no official statement has been revealed about when this electric bike will be launched in India.

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