Mahindra is emptying the stock of the old model of Bolero. Know the new price with a discount of 42 thousands


Automobile: Mahindra launched its Neo Bolero and since then the interest of people has been increasing continuously. Many people referred to this Neo Bolero as Thar. Mahindra has issued some new offers to eliminate its old Bolero from stock.

Offer will run till 30 November 2022

bolero discount

Mahindra has given a discount of ₹ 42000 on the booking of its Bolero, and customers will be able to book the benefit of this offer till November 30. Mahindra has presented a discount here under Shubh Muhurat Offer. In which efforts are being made to eliminate the old stock of Bolero.

Delivery in 24 hours. Booking done online

bolero discount offer

Mahindra has made the booking and delivery facility of its Bolero car very easy. And for this the online portal has also been opened. Through which people can book the vehicle as well as delivery of the vehicle will be done at the given address of the people in 24 hours.

While talking to the owner of Mahindra showroom, it came to know that along with booking for those people who want the facility of loan etc., people from the loan department reach home and complete the papers etc. After which the delivery of the vehicle is done immediately.

Know the price

bolero discount offer

The old model of Mahindra Bolero starts from just Rs.6.4 lakhs. And including road tax, etc. in this, its price can range from 7.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs in different states. Ex-showroom price with the discount amount will come to just 5.99 lakhs.

To book, you can visit your nearest Mahindra showroom and book the old model by demand.

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