Lemon will not spoil for 1 month, just store it with this trick

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These days the prices of lemons are skyrocketing, due to which it has become difficult even for the general category to drink lemonade. In such a situation, lemon, which gives relief in the summer season, is now making people sweat, due to which the use of lemon in Indian kitchen has almost stopped.

In such a situation, if you are also troubled by the rising prices of lemon, but want to taste its juice, then buy a lot of lemons as soon as the price drops. However, storing lemons purchased in bulk is a difficult task, as lemons tend to dry out quickly. In this way, you can easily make the lemon succulent and usable for a long time by flowing the tips.

Put lemon in water

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If you buy a lot of lemons at a cheap price, then storing them for a long time becomes a problem. Because as the lemon starts drying, the juice present inside it also ends. In such a situation, whether you keep the lemon inside the refrigerator or outside the refrigerator, due to the hot and cold temperature, the lemon dries up.

In such a situation, to get rid of this problem, you can use water, for which you have to fill fresh water inside a glass or wide-mouthed bottle. After that put lemon inside that water, by doing this the lemon will remain juicy for a month and will not dry up too quickly.

Store lemon in the refrigerator

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If you want to store lemons for 2 to 3 months, then the option of freezer can prove to be the best for this. For this, you will need a zip lock bag, in which put lemon according to capacity, close the bag and with the help of a needle, make a small hole in it.

After this, put that bag in the refrigerator, inside which the lemon present remains absolutely fresh and juicy for 2 to 3 months. When you need to use the lemon, take the bag out and leave it until it comes to room temperature. After this the lemon will become very soft and you can easily extract its juice and use it.

Store lemon juice

If you don’t want to store the lemon, you can extract the juice and use it for a longer period of time. For this, you have to extract all the lemon juice and collect it in an airtight container, which you can store easily by keeping it in the fridge. Use your own juice as and when you need it and close the box back and keep it in the fridge.

Can store lemon slices

If you want to store lemons for drinking lemonade or sherbet, then for this you have to make round slices of lemon. After this, store those pieces in a glass of water or a zip lock bag and keep it in the fridge, so that the lemon can be easily used for 20 days.

Freeze lemon juice in the form of ice

If you want, you can extract lemon juice and freeze it in the form of ice in the freezer, for which you will need an ice tray. By doing this, you can use lemon ice cubes according to your need, which will not even have to wait to bring it to room temperature.

In this way, by flowing these small tips, you can store lemon and its juice for a long time, due to which you will not have to crave for shikanji or sherbet when the price of lemon increases and your body will also be refreshed.

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