Tupik Bed AC: This tented AC only cools the bed area, will give relief from heat as well as electricity bill


Tupik Bed AC: In today’s modern era, the help of machines is taken to do any work, which consumes a lot of electricity. On the other hand, air conditioners are used to keep the house or office cool as soon as the summer season comes, due to which the electricity bill increases manifold.

But if you want to get cool in the sun-heated house in the summer season, then instead of installing a big AC for this, get an advance AC that cools the bed only. This AC consumes 60 to 65 percent less electricity than the normal AC, thereby keeping both the house and the electricity bill cool.

tent air conditioner Tupik Bed AC

To provide cool air and relief from the summer season, a company called Tupik Private Limited has designed a unique AC, which provides coolness only to the bed area. The design of this AC looks like a tent, designed by Ravi Patel, founder of Tupik Company.

This tented AC consumes 60 to 65 percent less electricity than a normal air conditioner, thereby reducing the electricity bill and also providing relief to the customer from the scorching heat. Apart from this, this AC also does not harm the environment.

Now electricity will be saved

About 400 watts of electricity is required to run this Tupik Bed AC, which will cost as much electricity as lighting three bulbs to run. You can easily run this advanced AC by installing solar panels with the electricity generated with the help of solar energy.

The size of this air conditioner is 11 inches long and 18 inches wide, due to which the bed has to be converted into a tent in order to use this AC. Along with the Tupic AC, you will also have to buy a tent, which you will need to fit on your bed.

This tent will cover your bed from all sides, due to which the Tupik Bed AC cools the area well. However, to use this AC, you have to keep your bed inside the tent and you will get cool air when sitting or lying inside it.

The biggest advantage of using this Tupik Bed AC is that the same air and coolness are concentrated in one place, due to which the bed area is always cool. Apart from this, this AC can be installed itself, for which there will be no need to spend extra money. The tented AC can be easily operated through a 5 amp socket.

The problem of power cut is very high during the summer season, in such a situation, if you set the tent AC near the bed, then you can also run this AC with the help of 1KVA capacity inverter in case of power cut.

What are the founders of the company called

Ravi Patel, the founder of Tupik Company and the inventor of Tupik Bed AC, says that this advance AC has solved the problems of many people, who now call us and say thank you. Many people have given positive feedback after using this AC, while its sales have also increased.

Let us tell you that Ravi Patel made this AC in the year 2016, but due to product testing and other business work, the AC was launched in the market in the year 2017. Ravi told that he has sold more than 2 thousand Tupik Bed ACs so far, which is capable of saving more than 2,000 MW of electricity.

Buy AC for just 19 thousand rupees

Ravi Patel is hopeful that he will be able to avoid this type of AC in a big way in future, for which he is setting up units in different cities and raising money to grow the business. The cost of a single bed AC (Tupik Bed AC Price) is Rs 17,900, while you will get a double bed AC at a cost of Rs 19,000.

To buy this AC (Tupik Bed AC Price), you do not need to go to the market or shop, rather you can order AC from Tupik company online (Tupik AC buy online) sitting at home. For this, you have to contact the company at [email protected], after which you will be delivered a remote home with AC (Tupik Bed AC), a tent, a structure set, a drain pipe and an installation manual.

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