Keyboard in Hindi | Complete information about computer keyboard in Hindi. What is keyboard


What is keyboard in Hindi: In today’s article, we will learn about keyboard in Hindi, where you will know what is keyboard, how many types of keyboard are there and will provide complete information about keyboard functions etc. If you want to get information, then definitely read this article from beginning to end.

As you all know keyboard is the most important part used in computer and laptop, if laptop or computer does not have keyboard then they have to face a lot of trouble in using them because computer or laptop without keyboard is incomplete.

Keyboard is such an input device used in the computer, without which we are unable to communicate with the computer, because it is the most basic way to communicate with the computer and for this reason the demand for keyboard is also very high in the market. it occurs.

In view of this demand, many different electronic companies manufacture keyboards of different varieties. Whose features and looks are quite different from each other. So friends, without further delay, let’s know about the best features of keyboard and what is keyboard (keyboard in Hindi) and their types –

what is keyboard

The keyboard is a device just like the typewriter, using which we can operate the computer or laptop, but the button of the keyboard is better and more comfortable than the typewriter.

Due to which work can be done easily on the keyboard for a long time and there is no problem while working and there are different keys in it, which when clicked shows the written mark on the computer.

It is so easy to use that if you keep clicking on a button for a long time, it will repeat the same letter over and over again. Number letters or symbols are made in the button given to you on the keyboard, by clicking on which the computer gets a signal and the keyboard performs. There are about 80 to 140 keys in it.

how keyboard works

The working process of the keyboard is very simple. Electronic signals are sent to the CPU through different buttons present on the keyboard. Simply put, on pressing the different keys on the keyboard, the letters written on it go to the computer’s memory and appear in the computer’s screen.

An electronic switch is installed under all the keys of the keyboard, through which a code goes to the computer through electronic action as soon as you click on all the keys or buttons on the keyboard.

The code that only the computer can understand. All the keys present on the keyboard are different and the functions of all are also very different from each other or rather, the structure of the keyboard is quite different than that of the typewriter, let us try to understand it in more details.

keyboard structure

All the key scores on the keyboard are distributed among 6 different groups, which is something like this.

Number keys

Number keys are used to write numbers in the computer, a number from 0 to 9 is written on the keyboard, which is called the number key.

Function keys

Function keys are made in the top part of the keyboard, which are about 12 keys, which are used separately in different software present in the computer.

These keys are numbered from 1 to 12 in such a way as – F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12

Alphabet keys

Alphabet keys are used to type any alphabet in the computer. These alphabets can be easily typed in both small and capital letters.

To type the alphabet in small and capital letters, the caps lock key is used, which is made on the left side of the keyboard i.e. on the left side.

All the latter’s of English from A to Z are present in the alphabet keys. Let us tell you that the alphabet keys are present in the keyboard in the same way as the keys are present in a typewriter.

Q, W, E, R, T, U, I, O, P

A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L

Z, X, C, V, B, N, M

Control keys

Control keys are used to control, no change is seen on clicking these keys alone, but if these keys are clicked with someone else, then their input changes.

These keys are also known as modifier keys. The control keys present in the keyboard are such as – Shift key, Ctrl, Alt, Enter key, Numlock, Caps lock, pause.

Shift key

Keyboard shift keys are used to convert alphabet keys to capital letters, apart from the two types of symbols on the keyboard on which two types of symbols are made, up and down are used to write the above symbol.

The shift key is present in two places in the keyboard, the first is in the middle of the keyboard i.e. just below the enter key and the second is present on the left of the keyboard and just below the Caps lock key.

Ctrl Key

The use of the Ctrl key in the keyboard is not special, but whenever this key is used with any other key, especially with the alphabet keys, it performs a special function.

Alt Key

The use of the Alt key in the keyboard also does not have any work of its own like the Ctrl key. But when it is used with other function keys, it performs a special function.

Enter key

Enter key is used to give instructions to the computer, that is, then the computer does some work.

Num lock Key

Numlock is used in the keyboard to bring numeric keys to the function.

Caps lock Key

With the help of Caps lock key, you can type alphabet keys in capital letter on the screen i.e. after using Caps lock key you do not need to use shift key.

Pause Key

The pause key is used to temporarily stop the computer during processing.

Cursor keys

The cursor key is used to change the location of the cursor, which is divided into four different directions. With the help of which you can easily go in any direction of the screen, the cursor keys present in the keyboard are something like this.

Up Arrow key

Up Arrow key is used to move the cursor upwards

Down Arrow key

Down Arrow key is used to move the cursor down.

Right Arrow key

The Right Arrow key is used to move the cursor one letter to the right.

Left Arrow key

Left Arrow key is used to move the cursor one letter to the left.

Keyboard Types

At present, many different types of keyboards are available in the market, but today we are going to tell about some popular keyboard types which are something like this.

Dvorak keyboard

The Dvorak keyboard was created in the year 1936 by William delay and August Dvorak. The main reason behind making this keyboard was that in the center line of the keyboard, those alphabets were to be used the most, apart from this, the combination of alphabets was to be used in the middle, which made typing much easier and easier. May be soon

If you are not aware of this, then let us tell you that the world’s fastest typist Barbara Blackburn had made the record of being the fastest typist in the Dvorak keyboard itself.

Qwerty keyboard

The Qwerty keyboard was designed by Kristofer Letham Shoals in the year 1873, the biggest reason behind designing this keyboard was to reduce the typing speed as much as possible so that mistakes in writing are reduced and typing can be done quickly, although today The QWERTY keyboard is the most widely used keyboard all over the world.

But this is not the fastest typing keyboard, the layout of this keyboard is very normal and it is similar to the typewriter used in the old times. The keys of Qwerty keyboard are in Q, W, E, R, T, Y format. Therefore, when the computer came in the beginning, the layout of the keyboard was made similar to that of the typewriter so that it could be easy to use.

Wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard is slightly different than normal keyboard, this keyboard is not connected to the computer through mobile, yes this keyboard is connected to the computer through Bluetooth radio frequency or IR technology, this keyboard is used by sitting a little away from the computer. Can also do it very easily.

In wireless keyboards, the transmitter transmits the keyboard se strokes in the form of radio frequencies, which are received by the trans receiver placed near the main technology.

Let us tell you that the weight of the wireless keyboard is very light and it can be easily carried anywhere, although their features are similar to the other normal keyboard, but these keyboard scores are more preferred than the normal keyboard.

Gaming keyboard

From the name of gaming keyboard, it is being known that for what this keyboard has been made, as we all know that in today’s time various types of computer games are available in the market and its demand is also increasing continuously. Keeping in mind the demand, companies have launched gaming keyboard in the market.

By the way, let us tell you that gaming keyboards are also like other normal keyboards, but apart from the normal keyboard, this type of keyboard has some special features such as LED screen multimedia keys etc.

Apart from this, to keep the hands comfortable, it is also available for more, the texture of this type of gaming keyboard is so wonderful, on seeing whom people feel like buying, let us tell you that the things of this type of keyboard are very good and durable. Live and such keyboards can be used for a long time.


In today’s article, we just hope that today’s article would have been very helpful for you.

And what is the type of keyboard, as you all know that it becomes impossible to use a computer without a keyboard, so those who use the computer must have a keyboard and in today’s time almost everyone uses keyboard. It does, but not everyone has information about it.