Indian mechanical engineer became a millionaire in a few minutes, won a lottery of 45 crores in Kuwait

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Trending New: A mechanical engineer from Himachal Pradesh has won a lottery worth Rs 20 million in Kuwait, Rs 45 crore in Indian currency. Dilip Parmanand, 48, is the 30th winner of this lottery. Mehjooj Super Sunday Lottery is often organized in Kuwait, in which Dileep was trying his luck for a long time.

This Mahjooj Super Sunday lottery was number 102, in which Dilip (Parmanand Dalip) became a millionaire. While 48-year-old Dilip Parmanand, a father of three children, has been participating in the lottery for a long time, he couldn’t believe when he got the lottery that he was actually the winner.

Every person wants that their life goes on as it is, but their children get a good future, that’s why they are very happy with this lottery, and they also believe that with this money, their children’s future will be patient. It is said that even if he had been earning his whole life, he would not have been able to collect so much money. Let us know in the next article that how Dilip Parmanand wants to use this money.

Luck changed overnight

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Dilip says that when good times come, a person achieves what he never expected in a moment, something similar happened with an Indian Mechanical Engineer living in Kuwait.

He tells that he had no idea that he would be able to become a millionaire through this lucky draw. And he couldn’t believe his eyes when he received a message on e-mail from Mahzooz Super Saturday Lottery Jackpot Kuwait, when he read the message completely, His eyes could believe that he had become the owner of 350 AF. He says that now every dream of his family will be fulfilled which he has kept in his mind for years.

Can’t earn that much money in my whole life

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Dalip Parmanand says he wants to fulfill the dreams of his wife and children, 25 years old, 23 years old, and 20 years old. And also wants to take good care of his old parents, and Dilip wants to use this money for the happiness of his family.

Dilip says that he would not have been able to earn this much money even if his whole life had passed, he has been trying for this lottery for a long time. But when God has listened to them, they want to spend this money on all their families.

Want to fulfill your dream by roaming around the world

Dilip Parmanand tells that when he was studying. So then he dreamed of traveling the whole world, and today he wants to fulfill this dream with his family.

Dilip wants to fulfill this dream of his life by visiting countries like America, Europe and Gulf. Before that, he wants to get himself an iPhone, which is his long-standing dream. After this lottery they want to fill their life completely comfortably.

Life can change anytime

Friends, at least one lesson is learned from this article. That even though life is short, but time is very strong, no one can know when what changes will come in someone’s life.

Some changes in the world are such that a person leaves the world at an early age, and some changes are like this. That success in life does not end even after growing old. There is a very good example in front of us, that Dilip Parmanand who even after being 48 years old still had the courage to fulfill the dreams of his family.

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