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Test Case For E-Wallet


Test Case For E-Wallet: This is another post of test case series. But in this post, we are going to discuss the E-wallet test cases. This E-Wallet is also called a Digital wallet. So before writing the test case about digital wallets we have to understand the very basics of the e-wallet and its functionalities.

What is E-wallet?

A digital wallet, also known as a digital wallet, can go a long way towards facilitating friction less purchases. It is a combination of software and data that allows consumers to make quick and easy purchases using something called near-field communications technology.

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Currently, this is used widely all over the world to make payments. so let’s try to understand more clearly this.

Digital wallets largely eliminate the need to carry a physical wallet by storing all of a consumer’s payment information securely and compactly. Also, digital wallets are a potential boon to companies that collect consumer data. The more companies know about their customers’ purchasing habits, the more effectively they can market to them. The downside for consumers can be a loss of privacy. 

Test Case For E-Wallet

  • The user can add a max 10k INR amount to the wallet.
  • The user can add money to wallet using Internet banking / Credit card / Debit Card
  • The user is able to pay the bill to merchant account using the wallet
  • Only registered users can avail the digital wallet facility. The guest user cannot use it.
  • E-wallet offers should work e.g. pay using the wallet and get 100 rs cashback.
  • E-wallet money can be transferred to the bank with a 4% deduction means transferring 100 Rs from wallet to a bank account will transfer 96 Rs to a linked bank account.
  • The user should be able to pay all bills and e-commerce orders available on site using wallet money.
  • There should be no expiry date for wallet money, unlike promotional offers that have valid expiry.
  • In case of returns, digital wallet money should be refunded back to the E-wallet account within 24 hours.
  • Email should be triggered to the user when money is debited from digital wallet.
  • Email should be triggered to the user when money is credited/added to E-wallet.
  • Email should be triggered to the user in case of errors like transaction failure when the amount is paid using digital wallet.
  • E-wallet money should be automatically deducted from the final amount to be paid by the user for any kind of payments offered by the site.
  • Try changing the payment gateway while the request is in progress.
  • What happens when we give request with the connection is on and we close the connection immediately.

2- Test Case For Courier Tracking System

Test Case For Courier Tracking System: In this post, we have discussed the Test Case For Courier Tracking System. Before Writing the test case we suggest to all the testers that they have the basic functionality idea of that system.

What is a Courier Tracking System?

In simple terms, tracking a package or courier involves the process of localising packages and containers, and different parcels at the time of sorting and delivery. This helps to verify their movement and source, and have an estimate of the final delivery.

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An efficient tracking system helps an organisation to re-assimilate its regular operations, enhance the consumer experience, and eliminate extra steps while allowing them to work quickly and efficiently.

It is always important to have a strong bonding with the delivery executives, customers, and business operators. The technological advancement of the tracking systems helps us to provide expert delivery to our customers, enhance operational administration, and ultimately lead to customer delight.

Test Case For Courier Tracking System

According to me, we can maintain the test cases are like :

  • Check the search functionalities with Tracking No/ID.
  • Check the receiving time and delivered time.
  • Check the updated Customer information with their contact information and address.
  • Manage the weight information related to the product and calculate the charges/amount according to the weight and distance.
  • Calculate the distance by entering the pin code of the location.
  • Check the delivery charges for the various location like Domestic/International.
  • Check the complete report with the details includes Tracking Id, Product Information, and delivered to and Delivery by.
  • Update every information at each checkpoint and that can check by the other user as well.
  • Export the information in PDF or Other Format.
  • Adding/Updating/Deletion of Records.

3- Test Case For Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing Test Case: 

In this article, we discuss sample test cases for cross-browser testing. We cover some of the common compatibility scenarios under which you can test your website for cross-browser tests. So let’s take a look at those scenarios.

Here are some of the scenarios that you can check and build up your test cases.

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What is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross Browser Testing is the process of testing a website or web application on different browsers and operating systems to ensure that it is compatible with as many users as possible. This test should be done by a professional who has experience in this field, who can evaluate how well the website or web application works on different devices.

Cross Browser Testing Test Case Browsers: 

You have to decide how many mainstream browsers your app or website supports. Some of the common browsers include – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and UC Browser. Your client should know how many browsers they wish to support. In case the support for some specific app is not included, what are the alternatives. You have to check with the client before you decide the scope of the test as you’d be using only a specific number of browsers.

  • Check is the website loads on a browser?
  • Check is the elements (such as buttons, forms, menu) visible?
  • Check is the elements clickable on a page?
  • Check is the content of the page visible on all devices?
  • Check is the webpage require a specific browser version?
  • Check is the web page take a longer time to load on the browser?

Your test should include a mobile browser. Each mobile platform has a different type of browser to test in such as Chrome, Safari, UCBrowser, Tea Shark, etc.


Cross Browser Testing Test Case Network

Often ignored points while testing the websites. Most of the websites render differently if the connection speed is low. They render the items with a small size first before rendering bigger-sized elements. And you can write test cases of those conditions for your network tests.

  • Check is the website load partially under a slow connection?
  • Check is the website rendered at all on a slow connection?
  • Check is the website misses important elements while completely rendering on a slow connection?
  • Check is the content delivery network (CDN) affects the rendering of the web page?
  • Check is the ISP speed affects the rendering of the page across the browser?
  • Check is the browser responds well to a slow connection?

4- Google Search Test Cases

Test Case For Google Search:

Test “Google Search Engine” is pretty much what a QA person will face in almost most of the interview. To bring the answer in here will be near to impossible mission, But for the interview question, I would be enough to show this test cases:

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  • Check the search box is clickable or not.
  • Check is the google page is opening or not after entering the URL box or not.
  • Check is the Google logo is displayed or not at the top.
  • Check Is the information should correctly visible.
  • Check hit the submit button without entering anything in the search field and clicking search then nothing should occur.
  • Check if the user is searching by entering the special character like! @,#,$, etc. and hit the submit button, you should search with the alphanumeric values.
  • Check if the person is searching with invalid input then the “Did you mean” link should display.
  • Check if the test cases do not match with the search criteria get the did u mean in answer result
  • Check the search result should be relevant to the search keyword and also contains links to the respective web pages.
  • Check the search result not only show the single keyword result but also displays multiple keyword results with the entered keyword
  • Check is the search result only displays alphabets or it was also displaying special characters, alphanumeric, and images in the search result.
  • Check during entering the keyword it should display the autosuggestion which should be relevant to the entered keyword.
  • Check whether you are getting the most popular or relevant search result of your query or the given keyword.
  • Check whether a user can search in current spending categories of the Google search, registry search face have different options like the web page, News, videos, images, and books, etc. so based on the selection of the category respective result should be displayed
  • Check If a user entered wrong or misspelled keywords, then search results should display a suggestion of the correct keyword. And if the user clicks on the right keyword, then respect to result should be shown to check whether Google displays the total number of search results of a particular keyword.
  • Check how much time Google takes to show the result of a specific keyword
  • Check is a user able to copy and paste keywords in the google search box or not.
  • Check the search results are displaying based on localisation or globalisation
  • Check the search result is giving priority to the localised web pages as compared to the globalisation web pages
  • Check some Google service like calculator service is it displaying when a user search for calculator, and with the calculator, the user should be able to perform all the Arithmetic operation
  • Check when a user search for Google converter services then the converter service should be displayed at the top of the search result and also the user to request the converting service
  • Check if there is no result, then it should display the message as per the SRS requirement document.
  • Check search result displaying or not when the user can search with different languages
  • Check is the related keywords are displayed below the search results of the web page.
  • Check the number of search results displayed on a single page
  • Check if there is the number of the search result page, then there should be pagination at the bottom of the page.
  • Check is the Google search function is case sensitive or not.

Front End – UI Test Cases of Google Search

  • Check the Google logo is display centre of the page
  • Check the search box should be displayed at the centre of the page and below the Google logo and also the search box is accepting values
  • Check operation should be the user click on the submit button or hit the enter button of the keyboard
  • Check the search result page should contain the URL of the webpage title description
  • Check based on the search query is any rich snippets are displaying
  • Check If a user click web page link Officer result page should redirect the user to the specific web page
  • Check if more than ten search results are found later on the first page, it should display ten results and page Nation
  • Check is the user can get more results by clicking on the page Nation
  • Check is the user can go to a specific page using the number of the pagination tab