Importance of Software Testing


Reasons why software testing is important?

1- No software is bug free.

software testing is done to find bugs and errors that are made during development phase.

2-Software testing verifies the usability of an application/system

Software testing confirms that if end users are able to work with application easily and it works as per the bussiness requirement.

3- Testing saves client’s money in long run.

Testing ensures that application will not result in to failure because it will be very expensive to fix any issue at later stage of project life cycle.

4-Testing ensures high quality product.

With the help of software testing high quality end product will be delivered to the client that will help him to increase his userbase.

5-To Accelerate Software Development

Some companies also neglect software testing as they have spent too much time on the software development process, and need to quickly deliver the product to the client. While this may be a problem with time-management in how a software development team is considering its work delegations, it’s also an issue of conceptualising software testing.

Software testing and software development if run in parallel, can accelerate the software development process and make it more efficient. Staging the design process in a way that makes it certain that both software testing and software development are happening simultaneously takes care to avoid such pit-falls in software development.

6- Gain customer confidence

Last but by no means least, all the above leads to a happy customer! System stability is what we all want as customers. Testing throughout the development lifecycle provides visibility as to how well and stable the software has been developed, therefore increasing confidence in the customer once released into a live environment