If your neck is looking black due to acne scars then follow these tips


Not only the face, it is very important for women to look beautiful in every part of the body. Mostly we are engaged in taking care of the face and our attention does not go towards cleaning the neck.

In such a situation, many people have pimples on their face as well as on their neck, their neck looks ugly and black due to pimples. But, you would not want that the face looks beautiful but the neck looks dark. That’s why today we will tell you some very easy home remedies, which will help you a lot in removing acne scars.

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1 tablespoon wheat flour
1 pinch turmeric
1 tbsp curd


Mix turmeric and curd well in wheat flour and prepare a thick paste. Then apply this paste well on the neck and massage slowly and then remove this mixture like boil. After this you clean the neck with clean water. Follow this process regularly once a day. If you do this continuously, you will get a lot of benefits.

HZ Tip: If you have pimples or dryness on your neck, then you do not need to follow this process. Use this home remedy even when the pimple is completely cured.


Take some raw milk in a small bowl and then put cotton balls in that milk. After this, wherever you see acne marks on the neck, apply milk and start rubbing it with light hands. If you want, you can also clean the whole neck with milk. Let us tell you that milk contains lactic acid, it also improves the skin tone and also removes the looseness coming in the skin.

HZ Tip: If your skin is oily then you should use boiled milk instead of raw milk.

Aloe vera gel


1 tsp aloe vera gel
1 tsp sugar


Mix sugar well in aloe vera gel and scrub the neck with this mixture. Let us tell you that many times black spots are visible in the skin due to the layer of dead skin after the pimple dries up. To remove this dead skin, you must use this homemade scrub. Actually, aloe vera gel contains moisturizing properties as well as vitamin-C, which brightens the skin and reduces the marks of scars.

Note- Do a patch test before adopting this home remedy mentioned above and those with sensitive skin must first consult a skin expert.

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