If you want to do any profitable business, then start work by bringing this one lakh machine.

tea bag machine

Business Idea: Today’s youth prefer to do their own business more than doing someone else’s job. Business can be small or big. Business can also be started by spending thousand rupees to lakhs of rupees.

It is said that ‘it is better to start your own business and become the owner than to be a slave to someone, even if the business is small’, this is not to talk about. This is the thinking of every youth of today. Before starting a business, it is very important to think about what kind of business it is. In which less money should be invested and the profit should be maximum.

A working professional is bound by a limited salary/salary. Whereas a person doing business keeps his hard work and dedication towards business, then he can earn as much money from his business as he wants.

If you want more profit in less investment, then buy this machine

tea bag machine purchase

Youngsters think before starting any new business, which business they should start, by which they can earn maximum profit. If you are also one of those youth, let’s know, about one such machine whose price starts from 40,000.

If you buy a good quality full automatic machine, then it costs up to Rs.1,00000 (1 Lakh Rupee). By buying this machine, you will be able to make a product from which you will get a lot of profit. To get the output from the machine, you will need row material and a worker who knows how to operate the machine well.

Let us know what and how products are made from this machine.

The machine we told you about is used to make tea bags. Yes tea bags. To make tea bags, you have to buy this machine (Tea Beg Making Machine). For this, a place will also have to be found where it can be fixed. To prepare tea bags, its raw material also has to be purchased from the market.

50 tea bags are made in an hour

Its raw material consists of two things, one is tea leaves and the other is a paper bag. The tea bag is made in the shape of a small bag. Inside which tea leaves are filled. By keeping the tea bag in hot water or hot milk for a while, the tea is made quickly.

50 bags can be prepared in 1 minute with tea bag machine. If you work in this machine even for 8 hours a day, then up to 400 tea bags can be prepared. You have to invest money in this machine only once and then you can earn money by selling your goods as much as you want.

Where to sell tea bags and how to do it

tea bag business

Talking about the selling of tea bags, you can sell it in a small stall in the nearby market in the shopping mall or to the wholesaler. Or you can promote on social media. So that selling can be good. Do as much publicity as you can.

By doing this your business will benefit. You should give some tea bags as sample to make customer. To increase the sales of tea bags even more, it would be right for you to enroll yourself on the B2B and B2C services of the online market.

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