Husband-wife duo started business by adding Rs 25 lakh, now earning crores


Business Idea: To start any business and become successful in it, make a mark in the whole world. Very few people get such luck. There are many ups and downs in the start of any business. After the production of something, it is recognized in the market and after that the product is delivered to every household.

Business is a very difficult journey. But if a partner is found in this journey, then its difficulty becomes a little less and if that partner is your life partner, then nothing can be better for you than this.

We saw that all the baby products of Johnson Baby Company got recognition in the market very quickly. Talking about today, many of its products are used in every home. But the popularity of the company we are going to talk about today is no less. Apart from Johnson, there is another company whose products you will find in every home. That company is Mama Earth.

MamaEarth The company which was started by a husband and wife couple and today that company has become so famous that through this company starting from Rs 25 lakh, that husband wife couple is getting a profit of about Rs 100 crore every year. Takes. After all, how did this company start, let’s try to know.

Husband wife started the company together

Gurugram based couple husband Varun and wife Ghazal Aghal started a company which is very reliable and safe for kids. Every parent’s concern for the new born baby is obvious. Which product should everyone use for their child? Very worried about this. This is because the safety of the child is of paramount importance to the mother and father.

In view of this, the couple started a baby care brand. Which he named Mamaarth. Keeping the safety of the child in mind, the couple started this company in 2016. Started in 2016, this company today surprised everyone by creating a different image in the whole world.

What kind of start

Varun Alagh initially used to do a small marketing job in Coca-Cola Company in 2014. Like any other parent, he used to be very concerned about the safety of his child. From the very beginning he had a desire to start a business. He also shared this thing with his wife (Ghazal Alagh).

He was so serious about his desire that he invested all his capital and 10 years of experience in starting this Mamaearth company. Varun and Ghazal did not already have faith in the quality of baby products. Due to which he did many research and concluded that every product contains harmful substances for children. That’s why he started this baby product Mamaearth business.

Started business with twenty five lakh rupees

Husband wife couple started this business with their life’s deposited capital of Rs.25 lakhs. Both of them started this company after doing a lot of research. Their only aim was to make good and reliable products for children. So that the life of the children is safe and there is no harm to them. His company Mama Earth has many labs. Where many tests are done on every product. Only after that it is launched in the market.

The identity of the company is in every city

Initially, this company used to sell its products only online. It had already made its mark online. But today its identity is online as well as offline.

Today this company has become so big, that 300 million people of the city buy its products online for their baby. The identity of Mamaearth company is increasing day by day. Along with this, today this company has also joined the list of companies that have crossed the revenue of 100 crores.

Talking about today, Mamaearth company has launched many products for children as well as for women and men. The demand for all its natural products is very high in the market.

Its reliability has become so high that along with children, women’s and men’s products are also being used in large quantities. Now this company makes products for the whole family. The quality of the products of this company is its biggest identity.

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