HTC Desire 22 Pro: World’s first metaverse phone in which you will get NFT and crypto facility

htc desire 22 pro

Gadget: After a long time, HTC has launched a new phone HTC Desire 22 Pro in the market. Whose amazing features make it much better than all other phones. Many such features have been given in this phone, which no phone manufacturing company has been able to give such features in its phone so far. Metaverse feature has been given inside this phone. Due to which it has emerged as the super phone of the phone world.

Not only this, apart from this, you are provided with a 6.6-inch display inside this phone. Talking about its refresh rate, it has been kept at 120Hz. HTC Desire 22 Pro comes with 4520mAh battery, and you get support for VR products inside the phone. This smartphone comes with the support of Snapdragon 695 processor for the users, which makes the phone much better.

World’s first phone in which you will get NFT and crypto facility

nft mobile phone

HTC’s Desire 22 Pro has been launched in the market with the facility of crypto and NFT. In this, you are given the Viverse app, from which users of Desire 22 Pro will be able to create a virtual space of their own and then you will also be able to buy crypto and NFT in this virtual marketplace. If we talk about the price of this phone, then it is currently kept in the market at $ 404 i.e. around Rs 31,874.

HTC Desire 22 Pro camera

HTC-Desire-22-Pro camera

Inside the HTC Desire 22 Pro smartphone users are given a 32-megapixel front camera, and 128GB of storage has been provided with 8GB of RAM in the phone.

If we talk about the rear camera, then you have been given a 64-megapixel camera in it, its aperture is f / 1.8. With this, you get the support of 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 5 megapixel depth sensor.

HTC Desire 22 Pro Battery and Features

htc battery and features

Inside this HTC phone, the customer is given 18W fast charging and 15W wireless charging. Along with this, you are also given the support of back charging in it. HTC Desire 22 Pro comes with IP67 water resistant rating.

In this you get the support of Android 12 and 4520mAh battery is given. At present, this phone is not yet available in the Indian markets and there is no information about when it will come here.

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