How to Make a Portfolio Website Using WordPress with localhost?


How to Make a Portfolio Website Using WordPress with localhost

Here, we’ll show you “How to Make a Portfolio Website Using WordPress with localhost?”. You can easily create Portfolio Websites Using WordPress with localhost in the following steps.

Step 1

Go to Google first and download WordPress and then extract here to the zip file of WordPress then download xampp apache server! Download and install it! Then go to the xampp folder and place the WordPress file in the HT Docs folder.

Step 2

Open the xampp and start Apache, then start MySQL, then click apache’s admin button Click then the dashboard of the xampp will open in front of you! http://localhost/dashboard/ Then click php my admin then php my admin to create the database in front of you the dashboard will open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ then you have to create a new database The name has to be kept according to your WordPress file!

Step 3

Open the browser and enter the file name of localhost / WordPress in its  URL:http//localhost/filename/ Then ok it! Then the WordPress file will open in front of you
Then you can choose the language in it as you wish, then click OK, then click the second WordPress in front of you The file will open in which you have to name your database and give the username root to keep the password blank then ok!

Then you’ll open the third page of WordPress in which you have to set the title of your site, and then you’ll find it. Give the username and password as you want, then you run with your email ID, then install WordPress in front of you. Let it be installed!

Step 4

Localhost / in the browser’s URL your site name:localhost/sitename/ Give it and do ok!
Then your website will open in front of you, then open your site’s dashboard localhost / to slash your site’s name. WP-Admin writes URL:localhost/sitename/wp-admin/ Your site dashboard will open in front of you!

Step 5

Go to the appearance on the dashboard of the site and select the option with themes, then go to themes and add new themes and then type in the searchbar Arrival Me you’ll open the theme of Arrival Me you have to install the theme then activate the theme Then you’ll see the get started option at the top and click on it to see the templates of the Arrival Me in front of you You have to select and import a free template. Then open your site in the. URL:localhost/sitename/sitename/. Then you’ll have your own Portfolio Website in front of you can customize it as you wish.