How To Download YouTube Shorts Video? Learn the easy way here

youtube shorts download

Digital Learning: Nowadays, as you must also know, how much craze is going on for shorts videos, whether it is Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, all these things are going on very fast in social media these days.

Although earlier people used to like the videos of Tiktok, and now the videos of reels are being liked by the people, and now slowly people are also liking YouTube Shorts a lot.

But whenever we see a video on social media and especially in Instagram or YouTube, we think of downloading it, and start downloading it.

But many times many people do not understand how to download the video, or they can download the video from which website or app.

In such a situation, if we talk about how to download YouTube Shorts Video, then it is very easy. The way we download videos from Youtube. And in the same way we can also download Youtube Shorts Videos.

How To Download YouTube Shorts Video?

Downloading Youtube Shorts Video is very easy, you should understand what we are going to tell you today, so that you do not have any problem in downloading Youtube Shorts videos.

To download the video of YouTube shorts, follow all the steps given below thoroughly, so that you can get complete information about downloading shorts videos.

1- First of all, if you want to download any video, then first open it. Remember to watch shorts videos in mobile.

shorts download

2- Now you have to click on the Share option on the video, as you can see in the above screenshot, or you can use it in mobile. Then click on Share button.

3- After clicking on the share button, some more new options will appear in front of you, where you will see an option with a copy link, now you have to click on the option with that copy link. After which the link of the video will be copied.

shorts downloader

4- Now after copying the link, you have to open this website in mobile’s web browser. Now open the website.

5- After opening the website, you will see a box on YouTube video downloader in the website where it will be written (Paste link here) You have to paste the copied link here.

youtube shorts downloader

6- After pasting the link, you will get the option to download the video, here you will see a download button, now you have to click on that download button. After which your video will be downloaded.

Is there an app to download Youtube Shorts videos?

We told you about this website from where you can download any video, but if you want to know that if the video can also be downloaded from any app, then below we have given you the link of the app. Yes, you can download the app by clicking on the link.

You can download videos of YouTube shorts by installing Save Master App in your mobile.

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