How to create a Company LOGO in Photoshop?


Here, we’ll tell you “How to make a Company LOGO in Photoshop?”

You can easily create a Company LOGO in Photoshop in the following steps.


Step 1: First open the PhotoShop, then select a new file!

And keep it as you want and Ok! Then Ellipse tool Select!

And keep his size 500/500 and Ok!

Then Stroke size select it! Ok the Color of the Stroke as you wish!

Then Ok Fill Color as you wish!

Step 2: First Travel Vector Image Download that is in PNG format!

Then pick it up and leave it on the Ellipse tool! Then set it up!

Step 3: Then Text tool Select! and his Font Style and Font Size

keep them as you wish and ok! Then set it up!

Step 4: Select Line tool! and set his fill color!

Keep his Size as you wish and ok!

Step 5: Then pick up the Image of your name and take it to the

Ellipse tool and take it to his Format PNG should be in! Then

set it up, then go to its layer! And Right Click! Then go to Blending options!

and check the Drop Shadow. Then ok. Save the file in PNG format.