How to Add Live Chat Box in WordPress Website


Let’s talk about this topic a little bit now i.e. live chat.
After all, why do we need live chat? Live Chat By We’re Going to Visit Our Website
All visitors can chat live and answer all their questions through live chat at the same time.
Live chat is very important for all websites and blogs in today’s time. So if you have a blogger or your
Website is on website so you can put live chat on your blog or website for free.

Live Chat service will be available to all of you on many websites but I will give you this article
through a website by which you can share live chat websites or your
WordPress can be easily installed on the website. If you want to have a live chat on your blog or website
First open your website then open the dashboard of the website then type in URL then registered your first name on the crisp site and
Give the last name then give your email ID then select one of your passwords and register.

Then name your website, then add the URL of the website and click on submit then your
come to the dashboard of the website and add new to its plugin ! Then type crisp in the search bar and
Then you have to install the plugin of the crisp, then activate it.

After activating the pluging, you have to click Crisp then connect to wordpress website
And you have to make some settings like setting your name and putting up a profile photo as you wish.
Set up and set and save.
Then open your website and you’ll start having a live licking gold show at the bottom of the right site and you’ll start to have it on it
Messages for testing will be notified in your crisp dashboard.

Hopefully after reading this article of mine you will be able to put live chat on your blog or website very comfortably
All you get for today is with more new information in your next post.