World Bicycle Day 2022: History of World Bicycle Day, know why and how this day started

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We can call the cycle the first adventure of life. As we fall, we learn to ride a bicycle. The cycle also has different importance according to age. Riding a bicycle as an amateur in childhood

World Bicycle Day is celebrated across the world on 3 June every year. There are many purposes and benefits behind celebrating World Bicycle Day. Bicycles are beneficial for our environment, while cycling is also beneficial for health. In such a situation, the bicycle has an important place in our life. If seen as a vehicle, in Indian context many people use bicycle to go from school, college, to workplace. It is a great tool for the environment. Along with reducing the use of diesel-petrol, the pollution level of the city is also reduced. At the same time, bicycles are also used to keep healthy. Cycling leads to weight loss, muscle strength, good exercise, etc. World Bicycle Day is celebrated to make people aware about many such benefits. But do you know when and how did the celebration of Cycle Day begin?

When did the celebration of World Bicycle Day begin?


The celebration of Bicycle Day started in the year 2018. In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly decided to celebrate World Bicycle Day. June 3 was fixed for this. Since then, many countries including India celebrate World Bicycle Day on 3 June every year.

Why is Cycle Day celebrated?

bicycle day

Actually, with the development of technology, the use of vehicles started increasing. But this had a profound effect on the daily routine of the people. People reduced cycling to save time and for convenience. Bikes, cars, etc. have been made the means of transport. But this day started with the aim of making children and other people aware about the use and need of bicycle. The day started to encourage people to cycle in schools, colleges, educational institutions, offices, societies etc.

In which countries is the World Bicycle Day celebrated?

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When the United Nations General Assembly announced June 3 to be World Bicycle Day in the year 2018, many countries supported their decision. The campaign was launched by Leszek Sibilski to start this day, which was supported by Turkmenistan and 56 other countries. Every year a theme of World Bicycle Day is determined, on the basis of which all the countries of the world celebrate World Bicycle Day.

History of bicycle


The idea of ​​using a bicycle in European countries came to the people during the 18th century, but the bicycle was first invented by an artisan in Paris in 1816, at which time its name was called hobby horse. Later in 1865 the foot pedal wheel was invented. It was called Velocipede. Due to being very exhausting from driving it, it came to be called Hardod. It was given a beautiful look in the year 1872. Wheels of thin iron bar were installed. It was called the modern bicycle. This is the form of the bicycle available today.

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