Viral Video: Has the world got the technology to go into the future? Man claims 5000 years of time travel!


Trending new: Time travel means going to the future or past and coming back again. This issue was being discussed for decades, as well as many scientists did experiments on it, but all were unsuccessful. Now a person claimed that he has come after 5000 years of time travel. He also has sufficient evidence to substantiate his claim.

Secret project was run in 2004

adward secret project

A mysterious man, known only as Edward. He gave an interview to ApexTV. In which he told that he was part of a top secret time travel experiment in 2004. Under that, he was sent forward 5000 years in the future. When he reached the Los Angeles of the future, he was astonished, as the whole city was submerged in water.

Wooden house

wooden house

Edward further told that he was working in a laboratory in Los Angeles, when he got an assignment to go to the future. The place he went after that was unbelievable. He was standing on a wooden platform. There he also found the surrounding houses made of wood. Soon he realized that it was Los Angeles, which had gone under water.

Talk to the people of the future


According to the person, during the time travel, he talked to the people present there. He told that there was a terrible flood, in which everyone was drowned. The reason for this flood was believed to be global warming. At the same time, during the entire video clip, the face of the person was blurred by the channel. It seemed that he wanted to hide his identity. During this, he had a photo in his hand, in which the whole city was visible under water. However, no one knows how much truth is in this person’s claim.

The first person said this thing

time travel

Earlier, another person had also claimed to do time travel. According to that person, many aliens will come to Earth in 2022. Who will have war with humans. Apart from this, the person claimed that he had come back through 2491. However, his claims were not confirmed by any scientist.

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