Govt to help start online petrol-diesel business for Rs 12 lakh, owns Rs 100 crore a year


Bhopal: Since 2018, oil companies (Fuel Company) have been making home delivery of diesel in several cities on a pilot basis. But now it is ready to be done on a large scale. If you are planning to do a big business, you need to have a great idea. If you have money, but not an idea, we are telling you.

You can earn a lot by selling petrol and diesel (Online Petrol Diesel Business) online. Something similar was done by a startup. Yes, a startup sold fuel (Online Fuel) online. Today, the turnover of this startup is Rs.100 crores. You can also start your online fuel business (Online Fuel Business) just like this startup. Let us know how.

If you want to start your own business, you can earn crores by selling fuel online. Oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Petroleum Process Engineering Service (PESCO) will help in this purpose. Moreover, you can seek help from the Government. is a government recognized startup. Pepfuels has a third party agreement with Indian Oil. It is for door-to-door delivery. Customers can order online or via message on this app. Tikendra, Pratik and Sandeep from Noida have started it together. A few years after the start of the business, his company’s annual turnover reached around Rs 100 crore.

Oil marketing companies have started preparing for home delivery of large scale diesel in the country. For this, the companies have sought letters EoI of interest from interested firms i.e. This could open up a market of about Rs 2,000 crore for startups operating in the region.

Fuel delivery startups will have to register themselves as fuel entrepreneurs and this can make them official resellers of diesel. Now many startups like Fuel Buddy, Pep fuels, My Petrol Pump, Humsafar are helping oil companies like Indian Oil, HPCL in fuel delivery. These firms will now be able to officially supply diesel to customers by making bills in their name.

Millionaire to invest Rs 12 lakh

It is for door-to-door delivery (Online Diesel Delivery). Customers can order online or via message on this app. Tikendra, Pratik and Sandeep from Noida have started it together. It is estimated that a few years after starting a business from about 12 lakhs, his company’s annual turnover reached around Rs 100 crore.

Home-to-House Response

Also, the founder of this startup, while talking to Tikendra, says that a lot of research was done on this. He even went from house to house and spoke to people and Online to react. In response, it was revealed that every other man said that there should be an online app for petrol and diesel. However, it is quite risky to start a business of online delivery of petrol and diesel. It didn’t know how far it would go. But hard work seems to be paying off.

How the startup idea came up

Tikendra points out that till 2016, there was no permission for petrol delivery in the country. This work could not have been started. Recently, the Government has given its permission. At that time, only diesel delivery was the only option before us. We started working on the delivery of diesel.

At the same time, says Sandeep, another founder of the company, “We sent our feadbeck to oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Petroleum Process Engineering Service (PESCO). Interacted with them to take this work forward. At the same time, we had sent the idea of our startup to PMO.

A few days later, we had a response from PMO. On the other hand, on behalf of Indian Oil, Faridabad, we were also asked to submit a detailed project report of our business, that is, DPR. We sent the DPR of our project to Indian Oil, he says. They waited for approval. Work can be started as soon as everything is right. The approval should get the permit correctly. We started our business as soon as we got the approval.

Three friends started together

We are talking about pepfuel (Pepfuel). The startup (Startup) was started by friends from Noida together. When he started the business, he also had a lot of questions in his mind, but hard work and perseverance answered everyone. According to media reports, their names are Tikendra, Pratik and Sandeep. Pepfuel startup has received government recognition It is. The business of this startup (Startup Business) is to deliver petrol and diesel at people’s doorsteps. They take orders online for this. You can also place orders for fuel on pepfuel.

An idea creates a millionaire

Today, the annual turnover of pepfuel is Rs.100 crores. This idea of business (IDEA) surprised everyone. But the truth is that if you have the power to work hard, you can become a successful business man (Businessman) in every situation.

Tell us that the online fuel selling (Online Fuel Sell) business was a tremendous idea (Awesome Idea), which the founders of Pepfuel turned into a business. However, a lot of hard work was done before the start of this startup. According to Tikendra, people went to their homes in Delhi-NCR and took their reactions. Most people wanted apps to buy fuel online.

How it started

Till 2016, the Government had not exempted the delivery of petrol. So pepfuel started with diesel. The government has also recently granted permission for delivery of petrol. The founders of Pepfuel, which started with diesel, worked hard. If you also want to start a business of online delivery of petrol and diesel, it will be very difficult. But no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire.

Pm’s Office Gets Permission

Initially, the founders of Pepfuel sent the idea of their business to the PMO. Go from house to house and know everyone’s mind. Most people were in favour of the online app. He wanted to turn this idea into a business by taking feedback from people. the PMO also got the nod in a few days. Indian Oil then submitted a project report to him Asked to do it. He started the business after getting approval from Indian Oil. Apart from Indian Oil, he had also sent the idea of his business to companies like Bharat Petroleum, Petroleum Process Engineering Service etc.

How do you do business

If you are also in favour of doing this work, definitely start. There will be some difficulty in the early stages, but then no one can stop you from earning big. You can also start your online fuel business under the same process. You may also get government help in addition to Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Petroleum Process Engineering Service.

However, it may require an investment of at least Rs 12 lakh. You need to have Rs.12 lakhs to start this work. If you are interested in work but there is no money, the Mudra Scheme of the Government can be of great use to you. You can take advantage of this scheme.

Under this scheme, loans are available to start and grow the business. A loan of up to Rs.10 lakh can be availed under mudra scheme. If you want to start your business (Own Business), you will get a baby loan of Rs. 50,000. 50,000 to Rs.5 lakh under kishore mudra loan scheme. Similarly, tarun loan category can get assistance up to Rs. This allows you to start your work.