Google Search 2022: These are the most beautiful tourist places in the world, which have been searched the most in 2022

best tourist places

Tourist Places: These days most people are fond of traveling, due to which they keep searching new places on Google. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the most searched tourist places on Google, where you can go on vacation with your friends or partner.

Sky Garden

sky garden

In the year 2022, most people have searched Sky Garden on Google, which is located in London. The Sky Garden is actually a round dome made of glass, from where a beautiful and attractive view of London is visible. And not only this, this Sky Garden is present on the 43rd floor, inside which a very beautiful garden has been made. Where you can enjoy in the evening.

Setas de sevilla

setas sevilla

Setas de Sevilla, located in Spain, has been searched a lot on Google this year 2022, seeing beautiful pictures of which will make your mind happy. And it is a very beautiful structure made of wood, designed and built by German architect Jürgen Meyer.

Tanah Lot

tanah lot temple

Tanah Lot, located in the city of Bali, Indonesia, is a very beautiful tourist place, which has become very famous among tourists from all over the world. The design of Tanah Lot is quite attractive, but due to its location on the beach, the melodious sound of the waves is heard here.

Heha Ocean

heha ocean

Heha Ocean, located in Indonesia, has also been the most searched on Google this year in 2022, which is a natural tourist place located on the seashore. And from this place there is an attractive view of the sea, rocks and hills, which is quite popular among tourists.

These were the 4 most famous tourist places in the world, which have been searched the most in the year 2022. In such a situation, it can be said that the number of tourists visiting these places keeps on increasing year by year.

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