German girl reaches India to marry Bihar boy, love story is very exciting


German Girl marry Bihari boy: Love is a very beautiful feeling, in which lovers are completely immersed. Although the journey from love to marriage is very difficult, in which only few people are able to succeed. You must have heard the love story of people living in two different cities till date, but have you ever heard the love story of a couple belonging to two different countries.

In this love story, the boy belongs to the Indian state of Bihar, while the girl is from Germany. In such a situation, this couple recently got married according to Hindu customs, which is being discussed in the whole area. So let’s know the unique love story of this couple, which even the borders of two countries could not stop.

German girl giving heart to Bihari young man (German Girl marry Bihari boy)

There is a small village named Berota under Narhat block in Nawada district of Bihar, where Satyendra Kumar lives with his family. Recently a unique marriage took place in the village of Berota, in which the Indian boy accepted the demand of a German girl by filling vermilion and accepting her as his wife.

In fact, Larissa Belge and Satyendra Kumar, who live in Germany, loved each other and were in a relationship for a long time, so the couple decided to convert the relationship of love into marriage and in the presence of family with Hindu rituals. Got married

Actually, Satyendra Kumar and Larissa first met in the year 2019 in Sweden, where both of them were doing research work on cancer. Satyendra Kumar was doing research on skin cancer, while Larissa was doing research on prostate cancer. During this, both of them had become good friends, which on seeing it turned into love.

marriage delayed due to corona

In this way, after being in a relationship for a long time, Satyendra and Larissa decided to get married, but due to the corona epidemic, they had to make some changes in the wedding planning. Because Larissa needed a visa to come to India and due to Corona, she was having trouble getting a visa.

In such a situation, Satyendra and Larissa waited for the situation to return to normal, so that he could get married with pomp. After this, as soon as Larissa got a special visa, she came to India and married Satyendra according to Hindu customs. However, Larisa’s parents could not get visas, due to which they could not attend the wedding.

German Bride in Indian Dress

Larisa does not know how to speak Hindi and understands Hindi, but still she was eager to get married according to Indian customs. Satyendra’s parents and family also left no stone unturned to dress up Larissa like an Indian bride, as Larissa had no idea about Hindu rituals.

In such a situation, the family of Satyendra Kumar performed all the rituals of the girl’s side for Larissa, which included rituals like turmeric, henna as well as bathing and groom worship. After this, Larissa was dressed like an Indian bride by wearing a lehenga, in which she looked very beautiful.

The entire Berota village was involved in the marriage of Satyendra Kumar and Larissa, due to which their marriage became memorable. Larissa loves Indian customs very much, while she is also very much attached to Indian culture. So she decided to marry Satyendra Kumar according to Indian customs, while the culture of India and Germany is completely different from each other.

Satyendra Kumar’s parents and family are very happy with this marriage, while the villagers who attended the wedding say that a person needs to change himself with the changing times. While Larisa may cross the seven seas and come to India to marry Satyendra, it is the duty of us Indians to introduce her to our culture and rites.