Full Form of OK in Hindi – What is the full form of OK, let us know how this word originated


Full Form of OK in Hindi – Friends, you must have heard saying OK on many things again and again from your own or other’s mouth. But probably very few people will know that what is the full form of OK and what it means.

If we have to talk to someone, whether it is on the phone or through message chat, we use OK on many things again and again. OK is used when you have to agree to someone’s point anywhere. This short form OK represents the whole sentence.

Full Form of OK

OK is a simple English language word that expresses your consent to something, so it is used for things like agreement and approval. The full form of OK is Olla Kalla. It is a Greek word which translates to All Correct in English.

When did the word OK originate

The origin of this OK word was about 183 years ago. The word OK is said to have originated from the office of an American journalist, Charles Gordon Greene. In 1839, a satirical style was in vogue, i.e. writers deliberately reversing the words.

The word OK was first used as “Oll Korrect” as a satire on English grammar and appeared in the Boston Morning Post in 1839.

OK used by US President Martin Van Buren

After this, OK was used as a slogan, at the same time US President Martin Van Buren used this word in a campaign during the election. Apart from this, many people tell their different things and their different opinions related to this word.