Follow this fun trick to know whether mango is sweet or sour


Almost everyone likes mango food. Everyone, big or small, likes to eat mangoes or drink mango shakes and in the summer season, the market is decorated with different varieties of mangoes, which makes everyone’s mouth water. But sometimes the mangoes brought from the market are not as sweet in taste as they appear and we are not able to find out whether they are sour or sweet while buying mangoes.

Today we will tell you about some such important Mango Buying Tricks in this article, by following which you will be able to find out whether the mangoes you are buying from the market are sweet in taste or not.

Mango, the king of fruits, would have engulfed everyone’s mind and heart.

The taste of mango, which is called the king of fruits, engulfs everyone’s heart and mind. But sometimes the mangoes bought from the market turn sour in taste, which spoils the taste of people’s mouth. Because there is a big difference between the sourness of raw mango and ripe mango. People like the sourness of raw mango, whereas ripe mango is sweet.

In such a situation, it is important for you to be aware that the way the mango looks sweet and delicious. Whether it will taste equally juicy and sweet in food or not.

If you are aware of some important things mentioned below, then you can find out just by touching the mango, what the mango looks like. Does it taste like that or not? You are being given information about some such important tricks below.

How to recognize sweet mangoes?

A mango can be smelled to find out whether it is sweet or not. For this, you have to smell the mango at the place of the stick, if it smells like ripe melon or pineapple, then understand that the mango is sweet.

If on smelling the mango, any kind of chemical or medicine is coming out of it, then such mango should not be taken, because these mangoes are ripe with the use of carbite chemical. Eating them can make your health worse.

Can be guessed even by touching mango

By touching the mango, it can be guessed that it is ripe. Ripe mangoes are soft and raw mangoes have a slightly rough surface. Mangoes whose surface is lightly stained and dark spots should not be bought, as they are rotten from inside.

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