Family members said ‘you are wasting your time’, started business; Today is the owner of 600 crores

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Startup Story: At the young age of 16, when most teenagers are busy playing sports or dreaming of their future, some have even raised the flag of success. One such story is that of Vishal Gondal, the founder and CEO of develops computer and mobile games.

Born in 1976, Vishal spent his childhood learning computer languages ​​and learning many designing techniques. He is not only an entrepreneur but also an investor. He is currently the founder and CEO of GOQii.

Vishal Gondal developed computer and mobile games

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When they arrived at Pepsi’s office with their designed game, they looked happy for the meeting. His dreams had taken flight and great ambition was visible in his eyes. He designed computer games that were beyond creativity. Vishal had to wait for an hour to meet the marketing head. Initially the marketing head was suspicious of Vishal’s ‘play of whimsy’, but seeing Vishal’s confidence, he decided to take an appointment.

After seeing Vishal’s game, which he designed for his company, his senior management was very impressed and bought Vishal’s game for Rs 5,00,000. This was his first business deal and he never looked back. He started making mobile and computer games by reading programming books. His Mumbai-based company was started by a team of only five people and within a few years it became the largest gaming company in the country.

Gaming one of the most popular forms of entertainment in India

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“Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in India. Bollywood realized that gaming has a lot of power and used it in movies. We have developed a game for a film like Tees Maar Khan. With the advent of 3G technology in India, the broadband base expanded and helped our network grow. Small towns are also adopting this gaming culture. And the craze of cricket and Bollywood is very much in our country and it has inspired them to play many sports. offers its customers a wide range of platforms such as mobile phones, iPads, social gaming and networking sites. UTV, Cisco and Adobe have invested in their ventures. This initiative, which started at the age of sixteen, has also taught Vishal to face criticism.

“When I decided to get into the gaming business, my family members thought I was wasting my time. I sternly say that I am on the right track. At that time parents wanted their kids to go into the same cliché business business but I didn’t include it in my mind. I believe that to be successful you must take risks and believe in your dreams.” – Vishal Gondal

Sold his gaming firm in 2011 for $100 million

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The biggest thing is that they do not have any formal computer education. Now in 2011 he sold his gaming firm to Disney, UTV Digital and The Walt Disney for $100 million.

In 2005, Gondal was ranked 50th in Mobile Entertainment Magazine’s list. In 2005, India Games was also included in the list of Asia’s Red Herring Top 100 Companies. In 2012, Gondal was named among the top 25 most influential people in the digital business in India by

Those whose dreams are high and whose faith is strong, they break all the norms and reach the pinnacle of success. Often people give up their faith before reaching the door of success. Therefore, those who have faith till the end are ideal for the coming generation.

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