Enjoy summer in winter! In just 20 minutes, this is the cheapest heater, it will get cold as soon as it is applied.

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Trending New:- As soon as the winter season comes, we take out the kept warm clothes and quilts, blankets etc. Due to which we feel less cold while living at home. But as soon as we have to step out, we feel the bitter cold. But we cannot live in quilts all day long.

For this, many people install room heaters in their homes and do their daily household chores easily. But these conventional heaters increase your electricity bills by increasing the heat. Today we will tell you about some such cheap and best room heaters, which will not even increase the cost of your electricity bill.

USHA HC 812T HC 812T Fan Room Heater

USHA HC 812T HC 812T Fan Room Heater: This room heater of India’s most renowned company Usha can prove to be a good choice for you, it can heat your room in a few minutes. It has a rating of 4 stars on Flipkart. If you want to buy it, you will have to shell out ₹2,498 for it.

HAVELLS COZIO Quartz Room Heater: Havells is not a new name to anyone who knows a little about electronic products. The body of this heater is very strong, so the ability to hit the room is also good. You can also buy it from Flipkart for ₹2,145.

Crompton ACGRH-InstaComfy Quartz Room Heater

Crompton ACGRH-Crompton ACGRH-InstaComfy Quartz Room Heater: If you have few people in your family, then you must buy this amazing room heater from Crompton which is available on Flipkart. For this you have to spend ₹ 1500.

USHA Qh-3002 Quartz-Quartz Room Heater: This heater sold in the name of USHA Qh is very much liked among the people and it has maintained its place in the market for many years. If we talk about the price then it can be sold for ₹ 1349

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Crompton Insta Comfort Fan Room Heater: This small room heater from Crompton comes in a stylish look, green color and very luxurious design, which attracts people a lot. Apart from this, an overheating output is also given in it, so that it can normalize its temperature itself. You will have to spend ₹2,200 only to buy it.

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