Engineer-turned-farmer leaving lakhs of jobs, earning crores by farming with new technology

sachin kale

In today’s time, no farmer of the country wants to take his son into farming. He wants his son to become an engineer, doctor or something but not a farmer. But there are some engineers who chose to leave the job of lakhs and do farming.

Be it natural calamity or minimum support price of the crop. The farmer is troubled by everything, while on the other hand the farmer is also getting away from farming due to inflation. Especially the younger generation does not feel like doing farming anymore.

Seeing the glare of the city, nowadays people have started migrating from the villages to the cities. Along with this, the biggest reason is not getting employment opportunities in the villages. Rural youth are being forced to migrate to the cities in the quest of employment.

On the other hand, there is a person who left a good job in the city and chose to do farming in his village after being influenced by his grandfather’s words. He should leave the engineer job and become a successful farmer. We are talking about Sachin Kale, who lives in Medhpur village of Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh.

Those who left a good job in a big company of Gurgaon and returned to their village and are earning crores by doing farming. His move is shocking, because nowadays people prefer to leave the village and live in the city after seeing the convenience of the city. The same Sachin Kale is doing a different job.

Nowadays, due to the increasing cost of farming and decreasing profits, the younger generation is moving towards the cities. In such a situation, Sachin Kale, a resident of Medhpur, District Bilaspur Chhattisgarh, has left the job of lakhs and moved towards the village. Sachin was working in a big company in Gurgaon on a package of Rs 24 lakhs per annum.

Engineering in mechanical

mechanical engineering

He did B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Finance from Engineering College, Nagpur in 2000. He became an engineer for the happiness of the family, but there was always a desire to do something different in his mind. Due to the habit of reading, Sachin had also studied law. Not only this, in 2007 he also took admission to do PhD in Developmental Economics.

How did the idea of ​​farming come about?

farming ideas

Sachin Kale’s entire family lives in the village and does farming. His grandfather also used to do farming work after retiring from government job. Sachin also wanted to do his business. But at that time Sachin could not understand how to start business. Then Sachin remembered about his grandfather. When he used to study, at that time his grandfather had said.

Man can live without money, but cannot live without food. If you know how to grow crops to feed yourself, you can survive no matter how bad the situation.

Referring to the 25 acres of land he inherited, he used to say that if this land is converted into farmland, then his dream will be fulfilled. These words of grandfather inspired Sachin to open Farmland and he decided to leave his job and move to the village. He also broke his FD for his business.

Research before starting business

research in farming business

Before taking up farming, Sachin did a lot of research about contract farming and started his own company ‘Innovative Agrilife Solution Pvt Ltd’ in 2014. This company helps farmers to do contract farming. Sachin hired farming consultants professionally and started expanding his business by training them.

By the way, Sachin had 25 bighas of farmland. But they did not know which crop to plant so that they would get good profits. After concentrating on agriculture for a few days, he understood that the biggest problem here is the workers. In Bilaspur (CG), all the people move out to other parts of the country in search of employment. To overcome this problem, Sachin started working.

Solved the problems of farmers

farmer problem solve

Then Sachin felt that if he would give him the same amount of money that he earns by going out. So these laborers will not go out and their farming work will also be done. Sachin’s dream was bigger than this. So he started thinking well of the laborers as well as the nearby farmers. He took the land of farmers on rent and told his problem to the farmers and started farming.

Today, he earns more than two crore rupees per year from farming. By doing this he not only fulfilled the dream of his grandfather Vasant Rao Kale, but now his dream has also moved towards launching his agri company in the stock market by listing it on the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

wife supported

Sachin Kale’s wife, whose name is Kalyani, supported him in this work. Gradually, he started earning good money from his business idea. Today, many farmers have joined his business and by joining his business idea, they are earning a lot from the methods of their business. Sachin planted vegetables and paddy in his field. Due to which Sachin Kale also benefited a lot.

What is contract farming

contract farming

In contract farming, the farmer does not have to spend a single penny. From fertilizer, seed to irrigation and labor, all expenses are the responsibility of the contractor. The contractor himself tells him the tricks of farming.

The price of the crop is fixed in advance, at the same price the farmer sells his crop to the contractor and if the price of the crop is high in the market, then the farmer also gets a share in the profit. Under no circumstance does the farmer suffer. Today Sachin’s company cultivates more than 200 acres of land belonging to about 137 farmers and makes a turnover of about 2 crores in a year.

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