Dussehri mango was started from this tree, 300 years old this tree has been preserved

old mango plant

Who does not like to eat mango in the summer season. If he too gets to eat Dussehri mango, then what to say? Very few of you would know that the tree from which Dussehri Mango originated, is still present on Hardoi Road of Kakori Block.

This tree is 300 years old and it has also got the status of a protected tree. It is spread over an area of ​​1600 feet. The mango of this old tree is different in taste, that is why many people like to eat it. If you go here, you can pluck a mango from this tree and eat it for a lifetime.

300 year old tree

mango tree

Let us tell you that the fruit of this 300-year-old tree is very good in taste. This mango is very famous not only in India but all over the world because its taste is quite different from other names. Even though this mango is small in size but its taste will not disappoint you at all. Due to the presence of this tree in Dussehri village, it is known as Dussehri Mango.

The responsibility of taking care of this tree is in the hands of Sameer Zaidi. Since it is the mother plant of the Dussehri mango, it has also been preserved so that it remains safe for a long time. This tree is very dense and spread up to 1600 feet. It is deepened with barbed wire so that no one can harm it.

No birth history information

dessheri mango tree

The people of the village tell that since when this tree is in the village, even our father and Baba are not aware of it. We have been looking at the tree like this ever since we were born. The special thing is that every year when the crop comes, even if only four or five fruits come in this tree, but they do come.

Not only this, it has also got the status of a protected tree by the people and by the local government. There is also a board near this tree on which it is described as a protected tree.

According to the information received by Manoj Pati Yadav, former head of Dussehri village, when a garbage plant was being constructed here, at that time this tree was damaged but the people living in the village had struggled and saved it. In order to preserve it for a long time, the villagers requested the public representatives and then it was given the status of a protected tree.

The District Magistrate of Lucknow worshiped this tree:

It may be mentioned that the District Magistrate of Lucknow, Suryapal Gangwar recently reached Dussehri village and gave a message to protect the environment by worshiping this 300-year-old tree. During this, he said that this tree is the parent of Dussehri mango variety. The origin of Dussehri Mango O is also believed to be from this tree.

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