Do you know what is the real name of Bollywood’s famous lyricist Gulzar?

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Entertainment: Lyricist, poet and director Gulzar Sahab is not interested in any identity. People still remember his songs and poems.

Very few people have the art of expressing their point of view in few words, whoever does so, the world gives him the name of poet, lyricist, poet. There is one such person whose name is Gulzar. Gulzar sahib is that person who speaks his words in few words. The words spoken by him touch the heart. It is as if he has spoken our mind. He has proved every time that he is no less than anyone. That’s why people take his name with great respect. The songs written by him in Hindi films are still on people’s tongues. He is not only a great lyricist but also a poet. Do you know what is Gulzar sahab’s real name? Why did he change his name? Let us tell you about the life of famous Gulzar.

Famous Gulzar Sahab’s early times

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Gulzar Sahab was born on 18 August 1934. He had settled in Amritsar with his family after partition. Gulzar sahib wanted to study, for which he reached Delhi. When his studies were completed, he went to the city of dreams, Mumbai to earn. However, his initial journey was quite difficult. In his early days, he worked in a garage. He became a member of the Progressive Writers’ Association.

Got the first break like this

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First film The film Bandini, which came in 1963, proved to be good for Gulzar Sahab. He wrote a song for this film. In ‘The Anupam Kher Show’ he told how he got this song. Bimal Roy was one of the best directors of that time. He was making the film Bandini.

He had chosen Sachin Dev Burman for the songs of this film. SD Burman used to get Shailendra to write songs for most of the films. But it is said that fate had something else approved. But both were not talking to each other for a long time. Because of this, Shailendra did not agree to write the song.

Famous Gulzar is fond of writing

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Let us tell you that Bimal Roy’s assistant Debu Sen was friends with Gulzar Sahab. He knew that Gulzar was fond of writing. In such a situation, he advised Gulzar Sahab to meet Bimal Roy once. But they refused to meet. When Shailendra came to know about this, he scolded Gulzar and said that you know how long people wait to meet Bimal da and you are refusing to meet him. Why do you think that only you know everything? After hearing Shailendra’s scolding, Gulzar sahib agreed and went to meet Bimal Roy.

Please tell that Gulzar sahib had gone wearing white kurta pajama at that time. When Bimal Rai saw him, he said to Debu, ‘Ae Debu, e Bhadraloke ki Kore Janbe ke Beshno Kabita ta ki.’ To this Debu replied that Dada knows how to read, write and speak Bengali.

This is the real name

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Gulzar sahab had changed his name even before working in the film Line. His real name is Sampoorn Singh Kalra. The meaning of Gulzar is Rose Garden.

Gulzar sahib got many awards

Gulzar Sahab has received Sahitya Akademi Award (2002), Padma Bhushan (2004), Academy Award (2008), Grammy Award (2010) and Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2013 for his invaluable contribution to the Bollywood industry.

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