Do you also worry about charging your smartphone’s battery, then follow these easy tips to increase battery life.


In today’s time everyone will get a smartphone. Whether it is from any mobile company, and everyone looks at its processing and battery backup first in the smartphone. And every smartphone has some or the other problem related to it, one of them is the phone’s battery running out soon. So that we always have to resort to some kind of power bank for power pack.Sometimes the battery draining is not the internal problem of our smartphone but it is also the reason for our negligence, so today we are going to give you some such tips, with the help of which you can increase the battery life of your phone in a pinch.

Keeping WiFi open

Whenever we have our personal data i.e. internet also, in such a situation, we open our wifi and enjoy someone else’s internet. But after using it, forget to turn off the WiFi, which wastes a lot of battery of our smartphone while it is open. In such a situation, it is important to keep WiFi off after use.

Manage push notifications –

As we all know that all the apps on our phone, their notifications related to them are always running which consumes a large part of the battery. In such a situation, we can turn off the notifications of the apps which are not of much use to us so that the phone’s battery is not spent much.

Close unnecessary apps

Just like shutting down after using a computer or laptop, close the apps on your smartphone after using it. Apps keep running even in the background and then also eat the battery of the phone, especially the apps that take up more storage.


Use power saving mode

In every smartphone, an option is always given to save the phone’s battery, which is called power saving mode. Which prevents your smartphone’s battery from falling rapidly, then use the power saving mode given in the smartphone, which will save the phone’s battery from draining.