Do not be upset if the smartphone screen is broken? Do it right at home, work will be done in less than 50 rupees

damage screen

Is your phone screen cracked too? For this, you do not need to go to the mobile service center and get the screen replaced. You can fix it at home. Here are some ways to fix cracked screen.

Many people are troubled by the cracked screen of the phone. They do not go to the mobile service center for fear of exorbitant expenditure on screen replacement. But, in most cases you do not need to replace the entire screen of the phone.

If there are very few cracks on the phone, then you can easily fix it at home. Here we are telling you some ways for this, by following which you can fix the phone screen at home even at low cost. The first way in this is to clean it by rubbing it with toothpaste.

use toothpaste

toothpaste uses

Toothpaste is used by people to clean the teeth but, it will also be of great use in fixing your phone screen. For this, you have to apply toothpaste in the crack part of the screen. After this you have to rub it gently and leave it for some time.

After that leave it for few minutes. After that clean it with the help of clean cotton. This will not eliminate all the dots on the phone screen. But, this will go a long way in fixing the crack area.

Nail polish will help

nail polish

You can also fix cracked screen with the help of nail polish. For this you have to apply nail polish on the crack screen. After that let it dry for some time. After this scrape off the nail polish with a sharp razor blade. Repeat this process again.

If you do not have the budget to get the cracked screen repaired, you can fix it with the help of a temporary screen protector. This crack will also prevent dust and water from entering the phone screen. These are all temporary solutions in case the screen is cracked, if your screen is completely broken then you will have to get the screen replaced by going to the service center.

use screen guard

screen guard

Sometimes a small crack appears in the screen of the mobile phone, which is not good to see. In such a situation, you do not need to change the entire screen of the mobile, rather you can easily hide that crack with the help of screen guard. However, during this time you have to take care not to press the screen with too much pressure.

In this way, by flowing small tips, you can fix the broken screen of the mobile phone, for which you will not even need to spend thousands of rupees. Apart from this, many such hacks are told on social media, using which the broken screen can be easily replaced at home.

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