Dirty mixer will look new in minutes, just clean it like this


Try these simple methods mentioned here to clean up messes on a mixer in minutes. Your mixer will look brand new.

There are some such appliances in the kitchen, which are very important. One of them is the mixer, which is used to settle every small and big work. However, very few people take care of its cleanliness. After grinding spices, pulses or other things in the jar, we wash it, but instead of cleaning the mixer daily, we do it once in a month. Due to this the cleaning is not done completely and there is a fear of getting the dirt on it in the food.

At the same time, the jar of the mixer is cleaned from inside, but the back part of it is left dirty. If you do this too, then change this habit soon. At the same time, today we will tell some such tips, with the help of which not only the mixer but also the back part of the jar can be easily cleaned. This is how you can make your mixer shine like brand new, let’s know how-

Use of Detergent and Vinegar

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You can use detergent and vinegar to clean the exterior of a mixer grinder. Although many people also clean it with toothpaste, but if it is more dirty and want to clean it quickly, then use vinegar and detergent. Take 1 teaspoon of detergent in a bowl and use two teaspoons of vinegar in it. Now wet the mixer with the help of toothbrush or cotton cloth. Now rub it with a brush and wipe it with a dry cloth. Keep in mind that do not clean the inside with the help of a brush, where you put the jar, by doing this water can enter, due to which there is a fear of spoiling.

Cleaning with the help of earbuds


Use the earbuds to clean the area where the jar is placed in the mixer. The dirt gets accumulated in this place, to clean it, prepare a mixture using 1 teaspoon baking soda, dish wash liquid and salt. Wet the cotton cloth first and wipe it with the help of earbuds where the fingers cannot reach. Actually, this part cannot be cleaned with a brush, because the space is less and there is a fear of water entering. While cleaning, take care not to over-wet it with water.

How to clean the back of the mixer jar

We often clean the mixer jar after using it, but leave the back part as it is. Slowly, dirt starts to accumulate there. If you think it is not cleaned then you are wrong. Here we will tell a simple way with the help of which you can clean the back side of the mixer jar in minutes. For this, mix salt, baking soda and vinegar in the back side of the mixer jar and leave it for two minutes. Now clean it by rubbing it with the help of a brush. The dirt on it will completely disappear.

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