Clean dirty switch boards in just 2 minutes by following these easy tips


How To Clean Switch Board : Not only furnishings play an important role in enhancing the glory of any house, but clean and shiny things work to enhance the beauty of the house. In such a situation, special care is taken for cleanliness in almost every house, but often people forget to clean the switch board on the wall.

In such a situation, dirt accumulates continuously on the switch board, due to which its color becomes completely black. But if you want, you can clean the switch board by following some easy tips, which will not only remove its blackness but will also bring a new shine to it.

Use shaving cream

shaving cream

The men of the house use shaving cream to shave, but with this cream you can also clean the switch board on the wall. For this, you have to apply some shaving cream on the switch board and then rub it well with the help of old tooth brush.

By doing this, the dirt on the switch board will be easily cleaned, after which clean the switch board thoroughly with a clean old cloth so that the shaving cream on it is erased. In this way, by using shaving cream, you can clean the old dirt on the switch board.

Clean switch board with nail paint remover

nail paint remover

You must have used remover to remove the nail paint from the nail, which cleans the nails very easily. In such a situation, you can also use nail paint remover to clean the switch board, for which you have to clean it with light hands by applying the remover in cotton.

By doing this the ingredients in the remover work to burn away the dirt, making it easier to clean on the switch board. If the stain on the switch is old, you can apply the remover two to three times. This way, in just a few minutes, your home’s switch boards will glow with nailpaint remover.

Cleanse with a mixture of lemon and salt

switch board

A mixture of lemon and salt is a very good cleaning agent, with the help of which you can easily clean the old stains on the switch board. For this, you have to cut the lemon in two parts and then apply salt in it and rub it on the switch board.

After this leave the switch board for about 2 to 3 minutes, then scrub it clean with the help of a scrub or tooth brush. Finally, clean the switch board with a cotton cloth, after which your old switch board will shine like a brand new board.

Using Baking Soda and Lemon

switch board cleaning tips

You can also use baking soda and lemon for cleaning the switch board, for which you will prepare a liquid by mixing equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda. After this, apply that mixture on the switch board with the help of a tooth brush and clean it by rubbing it.

Lastly, wipe the switch board with a cotton cloth to avoid any moisture or baking soda stains. By doing this the switch board will shine completely and you will not have to put much effort.

In this way, by following easy tips, you can easily clean the switch board at home, due to which not only the dirt on the switch will be cleaned, but the brightness and brightness of your house will also increase manifold.

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