Career In Software Testing


Career Opportunities

QA Analyst –

To begin as a fresher in this field, you would be appointed at the post of QA Analyst. The main tasks include figuring out faults and errors in software and correcting them. The job is of a basic level but it is technical. You may be promoted to a Senior QA Analyst after gaining experience in this field for a few years. You may also be further appointed as a Team lead of a group of QA Analysts.

Automation Tester –

If you have an interest and expertise in coding and also want to work in the testing field then the Automation Tester profile is perfect for you. In automation testing, you are supposed to write automated test scripts that test the software for the expected result on performing some sequence of test steps.

Test Lead –

After some decent experience as QA and Senior QA Engineer, one gets promoted to Test Lead position who manages the team of QAs and the testing process.

A Test Manager –

The role of a test manager is defined as managing the whole testing process, resource allocation, and management.

Test Architect –

The test architect follows a more technical path instead of the managerial path as that of one of the Test Leads and Managers. Their role is mostly limited to the setting of testing practices and automation frameworks for different projects.

1. Develop and design the automation scripts whenever needed.

2. Provide quality engineering principles throughout the Agile product lifestyle.

3. Detect and track software defects and inconsistencies.

4.Execute all levels of testing, including system, integration and regression.

Challenging Job

Testing is not simple, there are regularly puzzles and issues to solve. The software testing profession will possibly bring something different daily.
If you like a profession where you don’t need to think a lot then don’t seek a career in software testing industry. However, in case that you prefer a profession which keeps you on your toes, anybody will direct you towards software testing job as a really good choice.

Very Good Future

In a world commanded by the technologies like AI, IoT, and Machine Learning, testing will continue to grow at its core.
Notwithstanding these progressions, it’s not unusual that the majority of the professionals emphasizes the requirement for software testers to be available to the revolution and become serious about adopting new techniques too.
As a result, traditional ways to deal with testing are evolving too. At last, such evolution’s are opening more doors for software testers in the testing world, as testing is continually progressing.
Ultimately, every expert believes to be positive about the future of emerging software testing domain. This is because the opportunities for testers are simply growing.
And these possibilities will get more interesting as well because the software testing is becoming a more challenging, engaging and in-demand field so, the future holds a lot.