Came to village after leaving job from London, today standing company worth Rs 24 thousand crores

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Startup Story: Everyone wants to be successful in whatever he does. In recent times, many entrepreneurs have emerged from the younger generation in India. Instead of working in any company, these youth started their own company and wrote new success stories showing interest in employing others.

Today’s story is also the story of a young entrepreneur who decides to leave a high-paying job in the United States and return home and use technology to start a company that really needs it. And today he is one of the most successful IT professionals in the country whose business is worth crores of rupees.

Founder of Delivery Startup Grofers


This is the story of Albinder Dhindsa, the founder of the country’s leading delivery startup Growing up in a middle-class family in Patiala, Punjab, Albinder cleared the IIT exam after completing his schooling. After successfully completing his engineering degree from IIT Delhi, he started his career as a Transport Analyst in 2005 at URS Corporation, USA.

After working for some time, he returned to India with MBA. Here he started his career with A believer in starting his own startup right from his college days, Albinder was looking for job and business opportunities.

While working in the US, he felt a huge void in the delivery industry. He noticed that transactions between buyers and shoppers in the hyper-local space were very complex and confusing. He saw excellent business opportunities in this area.

Started career with zomato

This time he met his friend Saurabh Kumar. When he discussed this distance with Saurabh, both of them realized that there is a huge business opportunity in this which should not be missed. Together they started researching this idea. In this episode, he found in a conversation with a local pharmacy dealer that he does 50-60 home deliveries daily in an area of ​​three to four kilometers.

The distribution system was a major problem at that time due to the lack of infrastructure. Without wasting time, he decided to create a platform that benefits the buyer as well as the buyer and reduces the market gap. And with this thought came ‘One Number’.

GrofersToday allows customers to order online

grofers company

GrofersToday allows customers to order online through its website and mobile app. Not only this, everyday items were delivered to his house in a few hours. It is the largest delivery startup in the country serving over 20,000 customers per day in all major cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata. The company has so far raised a total of $ 597.1 million i.e. Rs 4508 crore in various phases. Not only this, today the value of the company is Rs 24,000 crore.

By providing employment opportunities to thousands of people, Albinder has set an example for the new generation of youth. Seeing this success gives us a lesson that if we go ahead and work on our ideas instead of hiring someone here, we will be able to provide employment opportunities to others in future.

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