Bring home this amazing bulb, the light will turn on as soon as the thieves come

motion sensor

PIR Motion Sensor Light : In today’s advanced era everything is designed in a very smart way, due to which it becomes very easy for the customer to use those things. Especially such electric items are installed in the house, which work smartly along with saving electricity.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a smart bulb, in which a special kind of sensor is installed and this sensor starts working as soon as the thief enters the house. In such a situation, the lights of the house get burnt automatically and the owner of the house comes to know that a thief has entered the house.

What is Blackt Electrotech Bulb?

blackt electronic

This particular type of bulb is known as Blackt Electrotech, which is mainly installed in restaurants and large hotels. This bulb also has a 7W LED light with motion sensor technology, which saves on electricity bills and also adds to the beauty of the house.

Motion sensor records the movement in the house

The motion sensor installed in this bulb records the movement in the house, due to which if a thief enters the house after everyone is asleep during the night, then these motion sensors are activated immediately and the bulb automatically turns on.

Time setting facility in bulb

motion timer

The facility of setting time is also available in this bulb, under which the bulb will automatically turn on or off during the time period you set. Apart from this, this bulb can also move in 360 degree angle, which can be easily fitted on doors, windows or any corner of the house.

If you want to buy this motion sensor bulb, then you can approach the e-commerce website Amazon. The price of this bulb on Amazon is just Rs 599, while the price of a motion sensor bulb from a company called Honeywell is around Rs 1,368.

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