Bonded laborer father’s son faced poverty and hunger, if he did not get a job, then opened a company worth crores

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Startup Story: The hunger of the stomach makes a person do every impossible task. Whatever work a person does in his life, it is directly related to his stomach. The person who has felt weakness in the body, burning in the stomach due to hunger. No matter how many heights he reaches, his simplicity never goes away.

Our story today is of one such person. The person who has felt a burning sensation in the stomach due to hunger in his life. Whose father was a bonded laborer and the conditions of the house were so bad that the man’s mother even worked in the tobacco factory to run the house.

Today’s story is of Madhusudan Rao. Madhusudan Rao The person who made a company of crores by hard work. Who created a new history with hard work. Madhusudan is not the bus owner of crores of companies today, he is such a person who is also providing employment to thousands of unemployed today. After all, how Madhusudan created an empire worth crores, let’s know.

Madhusudan’s family

madhusudan with family

Madhusudan hails from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Madhusudan’s family was very large. There were 10 people in his house. Among those ten people were his parents and 8 siblings. Being such a big family, there was always a tightness in their house. Madhusudan’s parents used to work daily on a daily basis.

If due to some reason the parents could not go to work. So the whole family had to go to bed hungry. Madhusudan was never fortunate enough to wear new clothes due to scarcity. His clothes were dirty and fair clothes. It was not possible for them to get slippers on their feet. Madhusudan’s family was forced to live in a small hut.

The father was a bonded laborer with the landlord

Madhusudan was very concerned about his parents since childhood. He always wondered how his parents were able to work for 18-18 hours a day. Why is it that their parents work for so long?

Gradually, when he grew up, he came to know that his father actually worked with a landlord. This was because he was their bonded labourer. For this reason his father used to work as a daily wage earner. The income of Madhusudan’s mother was as much as from the tobacco factory. He could barely run the house.

Madhusudan could not see the face of his parents for the whole day

The condition of Madhusudan ji’s family was so bad that even Madhusudan’s sister had to work as a laborer to run the household expenses. Mother and sister had to walk twelve kilometers every day to work. Even after so much penance, Madhusudan’s family sometimes had to go to bed hungry.

Recalling all these difficult situations of his life, difficulties, troubles, humiliation at every step and childhood of poverty, Madhusudan says that it used to happen many times in childhood. That I could not see my mother and father all day, because when he used to go to work. So I could not get up from sleep and when he used to come home in the evening. So I used to fall asleep waiting for them. Because of this Madhusudan says that he got the love of his parents in his childhood.

After studying, get pushed in search of job

Talking about Madhusudan’s studies, his parents and the whole family have suffered a lot for his studies. Due to the abandonment of his parents, he was able to study further in life. Madhusudan says that his family had faith in him that he would one day get a big degree. Due to which they will get a job and they will be able to improve the financial conditions of their home by earning money.

12th Madhusudan has passed by staying in a social welfare hostel. He also got a degree from the same college. He also got the diploma of polytechnic by giving entrance exam. After getting the degree, many places got pushed for jobs. But could not succeed in it. Everyone’s expectations were from Mudhusudan, so Madhusudan decided that no matter what work he had to do, he would definitely earn money.

20 company owners with MMR company

While working here and there, Madhusudan added some money. Madhusudan added this money by working as watchman and overtime. With which he started a company. Although initially he had to face a lot of problems in the company.

People with whom Madhusudan opened the company in partnership. He ran away with the money. After that he started a company named MMR. In which he got success. Along with MMR company, Madhusudan is also the owner of 20 other companies today.

Their companies are making their mark from IT sector to food processing. His companies are in the fields of Electrical, Telecom, Mechanical, IT. Today their companies are so famous that their company is recognized not only in India but also abroad.

Work 18 hours a day

Today the financial condition of Madhusudan’s family has improved because of the company. Today Madhusudan earns crores. Where in childhood he was forced to live in a hut. Today he has a luxurious pucca house. But Mashusudan did not change. Remembering the struggle of his parents, he works 18 hours a day in his company.

Their goal is also different from other millionaires of the country. He doesn’t want to do anything for himself. He wants that in every village he should give employment to the people. So that the shadow of poverty is removed from the village forever. He wants that no child should face poverty like him.

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