At the age of 60, LIC insurance agent started tractor manufacturing company Sonalika, today included in the list of India’s rich

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Most of the people of the world are dependent on luck but few few people have the power to write their own luck. They do not care in which environment they were born, age does not matter for them, poverty or difficult circumstances do not become the fetters of their feet. They always know how to move forward. Laxman Das Mittal is one such name, who fought against his circumstances and achieved that level of success, where only a few people can reach.

Today, Lakshman Das Mittal, who is known as the owner of a big company like Sonalika, was once burdened with debt, but he never gave up and his result is in front of the whole world today. Born on November 5, 1930 in Bhinderkala village of Moga district of Punjab, Laxman Das Mittal’s father Hukum Chand Agarwal was a grain dealer in the grain market. The family situation was not so good, but despite this, Hukum Chand took special care of his son’s education.

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It was his father’s inspiration and his hard work, on the basis of which Laxman Das did his MA in English and Urdu even at that time, when people could not even understand the importance of education properly. He received the Gold Medal in English. He was good in Urdu also. Even today his relationship with education is connected.

Started career by becoming LIC agent

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After completing his studies, Lakshman Das’s father wanted to see him in some good job, but Laxman Das had a desire to do something big in his mind. First, he started his career as an insurance agent in LIC in 1955 to help the family and keep his father’s point. He also became a field officer and also worked in various states. But, I still had the urge to do something big.

Business loss

This was the reason that Laxman Das started his business in 1966 while in the job and started making agricultural machines. He started making threshers with the help of local blacksmiths. He hoped that his business would make him big, but his efforts failed when his business collapsed within a year. According to media reports, Laxman Das Mittal got so deeply in debt that he had to declare himself bankrupt. Today, Lakshman Das, the owner of thousands of crores, had only one lakh property left in 1970.

The decision was made after seeing the tears of the father.

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Seeing Laxman Das losing business in business, his father Hukum Chand broke down and started crying. Lakshman Mittal’s soul cried seeing tears in his father’s eyes. He decided on the same day that he would give all the happiness of the world to his parents. After this he decided to re-establish the Sonalika Group.

Tractor made after retirement

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This time, while helping him, a friend of his working in the Punjab Agricultural University discovered shortcomings in his thresher machine. After that, new threshers were made by improving it. This time everything was fine and as a result it was seen that Mittal’s machines started becoming very popular. Within just 10 years, Sonalika Thresher had made a mark at the international level.

After the success of Thresher, the confidence of the farmers increased in Lakshman Das and his company. Now the farmers wanted Mittal to try his hand in the business of Sonalika Tractor and make tractors for the farmers. The farmers were convinced that when Mittal would make the tractors, they would also be of high quality.

Today there are thousands of crores owner

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Laxman Mittal retired from LIC in 1990 as Deputy Zonal Manager. In 1994, he started making tractors. Today the net worth of Sonalika Group is equal to Rs 17,771 crore. Sonalika Group exports tractors to 74 countries. It has plants in five countries and the group has 7 thousand employees. Laxman Das Mittal was once the 52nd richest person in India. Today he is counted as the 77th richest person in India.

Laxmandas Mittal made a strong hold in the villages of Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. Sonalika’s tractors have been the choice of farmers in these villages. Sonalik, who has made more than 3 lakh tractors in a year, is also famous for making machines of more than 50 horsepower. Even though Laxman Das Mittal has handed over the management of his business to his sons and grandsons, even today, despite being more than 90 years old, he goes to the company every day and sees the work there.

Regarding the success that Laxman Das has achieved, he once told in one of his interviews that, ‘Once he applied for dealership in Maruti Udyog but he was rejected. Today he himself gives dealerships to others.

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