Annu Kapoor: Fulfilled the dream of acting in the cinema world by selling tea, only 419 rupees were in my pocket when I left home


Annu Kapoor: You must have heard about many celebrities of the cinema world who have faced a lot of difficulties to make their personality. One of those people is also actor Anu Kapoor who has played the role of host comedian and one of the best actor in the cinema world during his career. A man who knows the art of adapting himself to the best of every character.

Anu Kapoor was born on 20 February 1956 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, her father was a theater artist and her mother was a classic dancer and that is the reason that since childhood, the work of mother and father was in her blood. Which later flourished in the cinema world.

Wanted to become an IAS officer

In the early phase of life, Anu Kapoor wanted to read and write well, her dream was that she could become an IAS officer by reading well but due to family situation and financial constraints, she had to give up her dream. fell. Initially, he started working with his father in his theater company and later started learning acting at the National School of Drama.

When he came out of the house, only 419 rupees were in his pocket.

Anu Kapoor once told in an interview that her life has been spent in the midst of many difficulties, difficulties are not new for her today, she has faced difficulties at every step of her life.

When Anu Kapoor left for Mumbai on June 29, 1982, she had only ₹ 419 and 25 paise in her pocket. During this interview, he also told that to earn his livelihood, he set up a stall of tea and fried food for a long time.

Shyam Benegal entered the cinema world from Mandi

Anu Kapoor’s career started with Shyam Benegal’s Mandi, in 1983 she started her career in Shyam Benegal’s Mandi in which she played the role of a doctor. Earlier in 1981, he also played the role of an old man in a play called Ek Ruka Hua Fasla. Seeing his strong character in this play, Shyam Benegal praised him a lot and sent him an offer to play the role in Mandi.

Apart from this, he also acted in films like Tezaab Chameli Ki Shaadi and Mashal, but his character in these films was very small. Although Anu Kapoor had made her entry in the cinema world, she could not get any major role yet. But in 1993, a program of Doordarshan television Antakshari started in which Anu Kapoor got the job of playing the role of anchor, from where her life started a new journey.

Annu Kapoor’s real name was Anil Kapoor.

Annu Kapoor’s real name was Anil Kapoor, but later on being asked by Shabana Azmi and the industry to avoid confusion due to two Anil Kapoors, he had to change his name from Anil Kapoor to Annu Kapoor.

Annu Kapoor has acted in more than 100 films in his career, apart from this he has also appeared in films like Jolly LLB Dharmasankat Shokeen and Dream Girl.