An invention of these MBA graduates, ‘Green-chulha’ is saving one million homes from smoke

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Before designing this product, these youths visited remote areas of the country where clay Stoves are used!

Pratibha Devi, 36, who lives in Mamura, a small village (population of just 302 people) in Uttar Pradesh, says, “The walls of our house are covered with soot of smoke and tears flow from my eyes while cooking.” it occurs.

More than two-thirds of the total population of the country’s 1 billion 300 million people use carbon-generating fuel and fuel prepared from dung for cooking. India, Bangladesh and China account for the majority of the total global population facing a shortage of clean fuel for cooking.

India maintains its place in the list of countries that are unable to provide clean cooking fuel to their people. Due to lack of clean fuel sources, people use such cheap fuels, due to which human health especially the health of women and children of the household becomes victims of many diseases.

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In view of all this, some students went to the village and tried to find a solution considering the problems of the women, so that they had to face less problems in cooking. May yourself also feel happy by feeding good food to everyone.

He invented such a green stove which is not less than a gift of happiness for all. Greenway Burner Stove has a single burner. It is possible to light a fire in this chulha with wood, bamboo, cow dung and even straw. This chulha uses very less amount of fuel and gives 70 percent more energy than other Stoves.

Women get happiness by using green stove

Many startups have opened in the country for a few years now. These startups are doing different work in different areas. One such startup is the invention of the mind of two friends, which is giving happiness in the lives of thousands of people today. This invention is of green stove.

This startup has worked to improve the rural lifestyle to a great extent and the environment has also been taken care of, cleanliness and safety. The name of this startup is Greenway Grameen Infra. With this startup, not only in India, but in many countries of the world, it is becoming famous as Green Chulha. Along with cooking food, health is also taken care of.

This startup was started by two friends named Neha and Ankit (Neha Juneja and Ankit Mathur). Both of them have done their studies from Delhi College of Engineering. After studies, both the friends took MBA degree and thought of doing something that would facilitate the women of the village and give a new look to the business.

He went to the village and came to know about the problems of women by staying among them and then contemplated on it together. Why not start such work so that the women of the village can increase their business with happiness in their life. Their aim was to do something that would benefit everyone. While roaming the country, the two friends saw rural women cooking on a wooden stove.

This startup rocked

The smoke of a wood stove is such that it makes someone cry. Not only does it play a big role in pollution, it also harms the health of women. Seeing all this, both the friends went ahead and started finding a solution for this stove.

As a result, both of them considered such a stove in which the wood is burnt, but the smoke is negligible. This stove was named Smokeless Cleanstove or Green Stove. It takes less wood, as well as very less smoke. Neha and Ankit along with two more friends thought of making two more stoves named Smart Stove and Jumbo Stove.

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Greenway Smart Stove is a single burner stove. It is possible to burn fire in this chulha with wood, bamboo, cow dung and even straw. This stove is designed from steel and aluminum which is also attractive to look at. The second hearth is the Greenway Jumbo Stove which is larger than the Greenway Burner Stove. The special thing in this is that it has an air regulator, with the help of which you can control the flame.

New look to business

Neha and Ankit made people aware about these two Stoves by roaming in the villages and explained to them about its use so that by using it to maintain their health. Initially this work was not so easy, but later the business of stove started. According to one figure, about one million Stoves made by Greenway Rural Infra are being used today.

This business is slowly moving forward. The biggest thing is that this startup has not done the business of stove with the help of any retailers, but has reached the people with the help of social organizations, women cooperatives and micro finance companies. To create awareness among the people of the village and to convey the specialty of this stove, took the help of social media.

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