After the arrival of electric bicycle, scooty, car, now the world got the first electric plane, Alice

alice airplane

Trending New: In today’s time fueled vehicles are becoming less on the roads. This is because they are now being replaced by electric vehicles. These electronic vehicles are in the form of cars, bikes, autorickshaws, cycles, buses, all of them. We have heard about all these vehicles being electric and we have also ridden in it many times.

Have you ever heard of an airplane being electric? Yes, electric airplane. It is reported that now this world is going to get the first electric airplane. This electric airplane will be known as Alice. Let us tell you that this Electric Airplane, whose name is Alice, has just taken off in Washington, USA a few days ago. which has been successful.

Alice took off successfully for 8 minutes

alice fly in the sky

Let us tell you that this all-electric airplane named Alice is owned by an Israeli country company named Aviation Aircraft. She has prepared. The Ellis Electric airplane has made two full rounds of the airfield. This airplane set an altitude of 3500 feet.

After flying for about 8 minutes, the plane came down successfully. Ellis Electric Airplanes operates Washington’s airport named Grand County International Airport. There was a successful flight. With this flight, Ellis made history.

Electric airplane runs on Alice’s battery technology

The name of the CEO and President of Israel’s Aviation Aircraft is Gregory David. He says that this moment is a historic moment for the whole world. He says that a similar new technology was last seen before the eyes in the world in the 1950s.

Let us tell you that 9 passengers will be able to sit in this electric airplane named Alice. It is similar to a private jet. Talking about its battery, the way the battery is used in an electric car. The same technology is also used in this electric airplane.

Can I travel from London to Paris?

Talking about its features, it can fly for a full 1 hour on a charge of just three minutes. But Alice cannot cover much distance. Ellis airplane design for long distance
has not been prepared. But its range is such that it can travel comfortably to London and Paris. Apart from this, it can also travel to Amsterdam and Zurich.

Alice’s speed will be 287 mph

alice fly distance

Talking about the speed of the Ellis airplane, its speed is much less than the passenger jets of today’s time. The speed of a Boeing is 588 miles per hour. Talking about the speed of Alice, it is 287 miles per hour. The same Elise does not even have a combustion engine. This is the reason why traveling in it will feel very good in comparison to other airplanes.

3 configurations made by Alice, will come in the markets by 2027

all model alice in 2027

The same company has also claimed that there will be no need to spend even a penny in the maintenance of this electric plane named Alice. Configuration 3 of this aircraft has been made by the company. The first is Commuter, the second is Executive and the third is Cargo.

Talking about the computer configuration, it can seat 9 passengers and 2 pilots can also travel. In the second type whose name is executive plane. Only 6 passengers can travel in it. The company Aviation Aircraft has also claimed that by 2027 this electric plane will be sold in the market.

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