After failing in 10th, relatives made fun of him, today he is the owner of a company worth crores


Today we are going to talk about a young man from India who has achieved that position at a very young age due to his hard work and dedication towards work, which is very difficult for everyone to do. This young man He has made his name not only in India but all over the world. We are talking about Manan Shah, who has made his own identity in the field of ethical hacking.

Saved from loss of big companies

With his skill, he has saved these companies from major losses by finding flaws in the systems of the world’s largest website Facebook, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google, Apple. Today the police intelligence of the country also uses this skill of Manan Shah. So let’s know how friends Manan Shah illuminated the name of India in the field of ethical hacking at an early age.

Manan Shah was born on 19 August 1993 in a small village in the state of Gujarat, India. His father’s name was Bharat and mother’s name was Pratiksha Shah. He had a different passion for learning computers since childhood. Seeing his son’s interest in computers, Manan’s father bought a computer for him.

Went to fail in 10th


After the computer came in the house, Manan used to be engaged in computer day and night. And in the meantime, Manan passed the 9th class of the school but had failed in the 10th. And then Manan decided to leave school and he started spending more and more time learning computers. And leaving studies while doing something different every day, Manan got to hear different views of many people.

In this field, his whole mind was devoted in the year 2009. Manan thought of making a career in ethical hacking when he attended the hacking workshop at MS University.

Start your own company


After learning his skills in this field, Manan removed the shortcomings of the world’s largest website Microsoft, Facebook, Google Blackberry, Apple’s system. In this he earned a lot of money along with his name. Seeing this skill of his, his state police also sought help in his cyber crime.

He also opened his own ethical hacking company and named it Avalance Global Solutions. Today the value of his company is more than 400 crores. This is the first and only company which has also got the task of preventing piracy of films. He has also saved many companies in India by finding solutions for software like ransomware.

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