AC will also fade in front of this small cooling fan, which throws a splash of cold water

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Cooling Fan: Friends, as soon as summer starts, there is a queue in AC and cooler shops. For this reason, coolers and ACs become very expensive in this season. We think that it would be better if there is an option to protect against heat cheaper than coolers and ACs. For information, let us tell you that now this wish of all of you can also be fulfilled.

Yes, till now all of you must have used coolers, fans and ACs for relief from heat, but do you know that now such a fan has also come in the market which gives tremendous cooling even than AC and cooler. With the strong and cool air of this fan, you will feel cool even in the hot summer.

What’s special about this fan

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We are going to tell you about this new technology fan, which not only gives cooling, but also releases water splashes with cool air. Its cooling is so good that when you run it, you will feel extremely cold in no time. So let’s know what are the special things in this fan-

There are many things in this cooling fan which makes it special from us. Its first feature is that along with giving cold air, this fan releases small drops of water from the front. Due to which you not only feel cooling but you will also feel very cold. No matter how hot the weather is, if you have a fan, then you will not need such a cooler at all.

41 liters of water tank will also be available with the fan


Apart from this, you will also get 41 liters of water tank with this fan. If you keep this water tank filled with water, then it will cool even more. The company that makes it claims that once the water in its tank is filled, it lasts for 8 hours.

The height of this cooling fan is 6.5 feet and the size of its fan is 26 inches. Its wings are designed in such a way that it gives very fast and straight air. It is easy to install, so by buying it, you will be able to install it yourself. You will not need any electrician or engineer.

Right now this fan is being sold at huge discount-


The brand name of this cooler is ALOK AGENCIES 26″ Mist Fan Cooler Water Mist Fan, if you want, you can also buy it online from Amazon. Let us tell you that although its MRP is Rs 28,999, but it is currently available at a discount of 46%, so you can get it delivered to your home for Rs 15,700.

If you pay with Citi Bank Credit Card, you will get an instant discount of 10%. Similarly, you will also get 10% instant discount if you pay with Debit Card. You can put this fan at home or in the office… wherever you want.