A teacher from Kashmir converted a simple car into a solar powered car by spending Rs 16 lakh

solar powered car

Jammu: There is more than one artist in our country. Introducing their Telenet, they are coming in front of the world with their inventions. This land of India has given birth to many brave sons. Who has worked in the interest of the country. As time is passing by, in the same way the treasure of the earth is also getting depleted, people understand this very well.

Science is progressing fourfold day by day. Science has made man its slave. Because whatever has been invented in the country, it has reduced the time taken for people’s work. If it has advantages then it also has disadvantages.

You know that sunlight is a natural source of energy for the inhabitants of the earth. Which is also being used for the equipment used in the house to the car running on the roads. One such invention has been done by a person from Kashmir, he invented a solar powered car by spending 16 lakh rupees in 11 years.

People were surprised to see the work of a teacher from Kashmir


A person living in the beautiful plains of Kashmir converted a simple car into a solar powered car. After completing this work, this person became viral on social media, whoever saw and read about it openly praised this person. The profession of this person is that of a teacher. Former Chief Minister of Kashmir Omar Abdullah also praised him a lot.

According to the information, the name of this person is Bilal Ahmed. Those who have been working hard for 11 years and they have spent about 16 lakh rupees to make this car. The car manufactured by Bilal is charged with the help of a solar panel. Pictures and videos of his car are making a splash on social media.

A photo journalist from Kashmir, Basit Jagger has also tweeted photos and videos made by him on his Twitter account (@basitzargar) of solar powered modified electric cars. And while writing in the caption, it is said that this car has been made by a teacher named Bilal Ahmed. Bilal Ahmed is also an engineer along with a teacher. You can see every single outline of the car in the photos.

Car design

The butt of the car shown in the video and photos has huge solar panels installed at places like the bonnet, boot door, and roof. The battery pack in the car is charged through this panel. But you will be surprised to see its doors. The texture of these doors will grab your attention. Because its doors are made in two gull-wing style which are opened as above.

This car is two-door and four-seater. No information has been given about the powertrain of this car. Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah took to Twitter to praise the teacher, writing, “BackToTheFuture This car is very attractive.” Many people liked this tweet.

The idea was to make a car for the disabled

bilal ahmad solar car

Bilal Ahmed tells in an interview that he wanted to design a luxury car for the disabled but he could not fulfill his wish due to lack of money. After this, he created the idea of ​​building a car that runs on solar energy.

Bilal has studied engineering. He has made this car with a long hard work of 11 years. This car is according to the climate of Kashmir. Being electric, it will not produce any sound. So there will be no fear of noise pollution.

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