A phone call from Ratan Tata changed the fate of Repos Energy, waited for 12 hours


Startup Story: In the past, there has been an era of startups all over the country, in such a situation, many youth have established different types of businesses. Some of these newly emerged business startups are amazing. In this, big industrialists like Ratan Tata are showing their interest and promoting them. One of these mobile energy distribution startup Repos Energy had launched a ‘mobile electric charging vehicle’ running from organic waste.

Let us tell you that in Pune, Maharashtra, this startup started with the investment of the country’s famous businessman Ratan Tata’s company, there are 2 young people who started this startup, they told all these things in the media and social media and connected with Ratan Tata. Told a story too. She told how a phone call from Ratan Tata gave wings to his business idea.

According to a report by media platform Moneycontrol, a few years back Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj started their startup with the nose of Repos Energy. Then after a little work, she felt that a big hand was needed to take it forward and she should also guide him as a mentor. Both knew Ratan Tata’s name and work very well, but they also knew how it would be possible to meet him.

Both were busy trying to meet Ratan Tata.


Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan started trying to meet Ratan Tata, but meeting Ratan Tata was not so easy, yet Aditi kept trying to meet Ratan Tata. Everyone told him that you cannot meet Ratan Tata and it is impossible, but she did not give up.

In a program, Aditi told that she made a 3D presentation, in which along with a letter written by herself, it was sent to Ratan Tata’s address. She also contacted some people, who could introduce him to Ratan Tata and once he even waited for 12 hours outside Ratan Tata’s house, but their meeting could not take place.

One phone call came and their life became


She returned to his hotel around 10 o’clock in the sorrow of not being able to meet Ratan Tata, but the lock of her luck was yet to be opened, because those who work hard never give up. She got a phone call and this call changed her life. From here they got wings to fly.

When she got the call, when she was busy somewhere, she still picked up the call and a voice came from the other side that ‘Hello, can I talk to Aditi.’ Aditi asked her who are you talking to. Then a voice came from the other side, “I am Ratan Tata speaking. I got your letter, can we meet”, Aditi was shocked to hear this.

Aditi was now emotional after hearing Ratan Tata’s voice. She was happy as well as shocked. Aditi, the co-founder of Repos Energy, told in one of her posts that, the next day she along with her partner went to Ratan Tata’s house at 10.45 am and waited in the living room to give her presentation.

Ratan Tata himself guided him


After sometime at 11 o’clock a man wearing a blue shirt took entry in the room. He was none other than Ratan Tata. Their meeting with them lasted from 11 am to 2 pm and they were life changing times for both of them for three hours.

Ratan Tata listened to his business idea, which he liked very much and Tata also gave some of his business tips. Today, with the investment and guidance of Ratan Tata, these young couple are running their company well and reaching the pinnacle of success.

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