5th Day Maa SkandMata PujaVidhi, Katha & Kavacha


Skandmata Mata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. Her name means: ‘Skanda’ – Lord Kartikeya/Murugan and ‘Mata’ – mother. Hence, this name means that she is the mother of the Skanda (Lord Karthikeya).

Form: Maa Skandmata has four arms and she rides on a lion. 2 of her arms carry lotus, 1 arm carry baby Kartikeya, and another one stays in the Abhaya Mudra. As she sits on the lotus, Goddess Padmasana is her another name. She is the Goddess who can bless her devotees with power and prosperity. Also, she can bless her worshipper with immense intelligence as well as salvation. She is also considered as the Goddess of fire. As she is the epitome of motherly love in this form, devotees get blessed with her immense love.

Shringar: Beautiful colors should be used in the makeup of the mother. Offer light green clothes to Skanda Mata. Offer him a garland of yellow and white flowers.

Maa SkandMata Puja vidhi

Maa Skandmata should be worshiped with pure and concentrated mind. Worshiping Skandmata fulfills all the wishes of the devotee. Apart from this, by the grace of Skandmata, a couple desirous of having children can get child happiness. If Jupiter is weak then worship of Skandmata should be done.

Maa SkandMata Katha

Skandmata form of Maa Durga is worshiped on the fifth day of Navratri. The form of Skanda Mata is of auspicious complexion with a unique aura of beauty. Skanda Mata is the idol of Vatsalya. According to the belief, Goddess Skandmata is worshiped to get a child.

Due to being the mother of Shri Skanda (Kumar Kartikeya), she is named Skandmata. There is a law to worship them on the fifth day of Navratri. There is a belief about them that when the atrocities of the demons had increased a lot on the earth, then Skandmata killed the evil demons by riding on a lion to protect her saints.

It is believed that Skandmata is the presiding deity of the solar system, by doing her sadhna, the devotee attains supernatural brilliance. Along with this, the mother removes all the sorrows of her devotees, opens the door of salvation for them.

The beautiful form of the mother is as follows- Goddess Skandmata is in abhaya posture, seated on a lotus flower. The form of the mother is very unique, in her form there is a strange kind of brilliance. According to mythological facts, Skandmata is the daughter of Himalaya Parvati, also known as Maheshwari and Gauri.

Skandmata has four arms out of which the mother is holding a lotus flower in her two hands. With one of her arms raised upwards she blesses the devotees and with one hand she is holding her son Skanda sitting on her lap. The lion is his conveyance.


Worship Mantra

Soumya Soumyatrashesha Soumyabhayasvati beautiful.
Paraparanam Param Tvameva Parmeshwari.


It would be best to offer banana to Skanda Mata or you can also offer gram flour laddus.

Hindu ritual of worship

Jai Teri Ho Askandha Mata

your fifth name

lost everyone’s life

Jag Janani Sab Ki Mahatari

I will keep lighting your flame

I will always take care of you

called you by many names

I have one support

Where is the camp on the hills?

in many cities your shelter

Your views in every temple

Your Bhagat Pyare

give me your bhagati

make my power spoiled

Inder adi deity get all

call by you

when the evil demons came

you raise your bare hand

always came to save the slaves

The hope of ‘Chaman’ came to worship


Aim Bijalinka Devi Padajyudhadharapara.
Hridayam Patu sa Devi Kartikeyayuta
Shree Hreem Hoon Aim Devi Parvasya Patu Always.
Skandmata Putraprada is always the Patu in Sarvaang.
Vaanavanamrte hum phat seed syncretism.
Uttarasya Tathagane Cha Varune Nailteavatu
Indrani Bhairavi Chaivasitangi Cha Sanharini.
Sarvada Patu Maa Devi Chanyanyasu hi Dikshu Vai.