5000 years old civilization was found at this place of India, Archaeological Department discovered old gold factory, jewelery was made here

5000 years old

Hisar: Indus Valley Civilization which is considered to be the oldest civilization of India. This is a civilization of about five thousand years old. Bronze was used more in this civilization, hence this civilization is also called Kansyugin civilization.

One of the main centers of this civilization is Rakhigarhi. Which is situated on the banks of river Saraswati, which is presently known as Ghaggar river. The major centers of this civilization are Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Kalibanga, Lothal, Dholaveer and Rakhigarhi.

Indus Valley Civilization

sindhu ghaati sabhyta

The Archaeological Department of India was established in 1861 under the direction of Alexander Cunningham. After that, in 1902, the Archaeological Department of India was established by Lord Curzon and John Marshall. Since then, efforts are being made to know about this civilization.

What was the life of the people like during this civilization? How did people make their living? To know this, our Archaeological Department has been searching for a long time. To a large extent it has also been successful.

The Harappan Civilization, also known as the Indus Valley Civilization. Harappa and Mohenjodaro are very famous in this. While Harappa is on the banks of the Ravi river, Mohenjodaro is on the banks of the Indus river. The Harappan civilization was discovered by Dayaram Sahni in 1921. The same Mohenjodaro was discovered in 1922 by Rakhaldas Banerjee.

Rakhigarhi Ancient Civilization

Rakhigarhi is located in Hisar district of Haryana. Rakhigarhi is the largest historical city of the Indus Valley Civilization in the Indian territories. Its main river is Ghaggar. The Archaeological Department had discovered Rakhigarhi in Haryana in 1963 AD. Rakhigarhi has been excavated on a large scale during 1997-1999 by Amarendra Nath. From here a miniature currency inscribed with Mother Goddess was obtained.

Important things have been received from Rakhigarhi. In which granaries, pillared gallery or pavilion, in which there are chambers in the side, fire altars built on a high platform, etc. are the main ones. Rakhigarhi village is buried under 11 mounds. At present, archaeological excavations of 3 of them have revealed that Rakhigarhi was once the largest city.

Rakhigarhi, located in the Hisar district of Haryana, is believed to be related to the Indus Valley Civilization. This village is an archaeological site. Along with this, the excellent art of building houses has also been shown in ancient times. Even at this time people used to have pucca houses. There were paved drains to drain the water.

5000 years ago people had such houses and a complete kitchen complex was to be built in it. Even experts are taken by surprise. The meeting of jewelery factory here suggests that thousands of years ago this place must have been an important place of trade and business. Many such ornaments made of copper and gold have also been found, which were hidden for thousands of years till now.

It is similar to the ones found in Bronze Age mills in Sinauli, Uttar Pradesh. Also a chariot was discovered there, which shows a culture of ancient warriors. It includes thousands of clay pots, Royal Seals and children’s toys.

Not only this, those houses had good drainage system. Alleys were made to meet the streets. At the turn of the roads and streets, the raw soil was burnt into brick and arrangements were made so that the construction should not be damaged. Many seals, pottery, ivory, and human bone objects have also been found here. For now, excavation will continue here.

Remains of gold jewelery have been found

You will be surprised to know that during the excavation in Rakhigarhi gold jewelery has been unearthed. Which proves that even at that time gold jewelery was in trend. During the excavation, gold factory has been found in Rakhigarhi.

The department has already got sealed gold mitti bangles and other important items. The remains of old buried skeletons have been found here. Whose bangles and broken utensils were found. From which it is speculated, that perhaps the dead will like these things, so these things are buried with them. Here 5000 years old brick drains, earthen pots kept over the drains, etc. have been seen during the search.

Trying to read script continues

The head of the Archaeological Department of India, Sanjay Kumar Manjul, has told that seals and some utensils have been found during the excavation. In which the script is written, which is being tried to be read. Soon success will be achieved in this and we will get new information related to this old civilization.

All the things found during the excavation. They are kept in the museum. This excavation is still going on, it will be excavated again from September 2022. We hope that in future also we will get many such remains, which will help us to know about this 5000 years old civilization.

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